23 Times Landlords Neglected Their Tenants So Much, They Documented It

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Being a tenant is not as easy as it seems. Most people think that it all comes down to finding the best place to rent. What they don’t know is that it is a risky business and you could easily end up in an ordeal you don’t want to be in. The only way to escape that fate is by controlling your landlord and demanding what they must do based on contracts. If you let them neglect you, you could end up like some of the people who posted the images below.

1. The floor

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Someone asked their landlord to repair the floor inside their bathroom and they finally did but you can see that this sloppy job is not how you solve such a problem.

2. The tree

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Here is how one landlord decided to remove a tree for no reason at all, leaving a mess in the backyard of this house, Some tree nests were damaged as well, unfortunately.

3. The camera

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Some people have the audacity to install means of surveillance without the consent of anyone who can be observed by it. As you can see, this tenant removed the camera.

4. The pool

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This pool looks awesome but we guess that it has not been cleaned in a really long time. The reason for that is simple: the landlord simply stopped taking care of it.

5. The microwave

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We know that installing a microwave is not rocket science but it takes some precision and effort to do it right. This landlord refused to pay attention and this is how they installed the appliance.

6. The pool

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Everyone would be attracted by the fact that their new place to live has a swimming pool. In this case, the landlord did not specify to the tenant that the pool was closed indefinitely.

7. The leak

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We are certain that having a leak on the ceiling is not a pleasant thing and it would lead to problems. One landlord neglected this and it eventually became a real disaster.

8. The door

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Some jobs in the household are DIY-friendly and anyone could do them. In this case, the landlord had to install new locks on the front door but he put them backward.

9. The deck

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Sometimes, rented premises have more serious issues than one could imagine. In this case, the deck became unstable but the landlord simply did this and left.

10. The shower

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We always enjoy a nice hot bath and a cold shower after that but it seems that combining the two is not a good idea. It appears that this landlord skipped a few corners here.

11. The showers

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Talking about showers, this example is one of the most absurd setups you will ever see. This image shows each time the landlord came and fix the shower when his tenants needed to.

12. The thermostat 

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We understand that some people cannot stand the heat while others prefer to sit inside a cool room. In this case, the tenant will never control the temperature after the landlord cased the thermostat.

13. The power outlet

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It seems that this person found out why one of the power outlets at the house they rented was about to catch fire. The landlord neglected their request and the tenant found this.

14. The bathroom

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Here is one of the most unpleasant situations one could be stuck inside of. As you can see, the ceiling collapsed but the crazy part is that the landlord wanted to wait for the next rain so he can find the leak.

15. The drip

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It seems that those who pay attention to the smallest details are those who avoid problems in advance. In this case, the landlord ignored the drip coming from the ceiling and this followed.

16. The other ceiling

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Now, this surely is one of the most horrific domestic situations ever. The ceiling of this bathroom collapsed and you can bet that the landlord came right away when the tenant sent them this picture.

17. The fire extinguisher 

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It is true that fire safety is of primary importance when it comes to making sure your tenants feel comfortable. In this case, the landlord obviously neglected this and you can see why.

18. The stove

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One landlord decided to turn the heat down in his tenant’s place but it seems that he neglected the fact that he pays the electricity bill, so the tenant decided to keep himself warm doing this.

19. The leak

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This is not some tiny drip but a major leak that could cause a lot of damage. As you can see, there is mold there as well but the landlord of this person still decided not to fix it.

20. The moisture 

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This tenant warned his landlord about high humidity inside of their apartment but they did nothing about it, and this happened later.

21. The ceiling fix

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We have seen a lot of worrying things but this ceiling solution is one of the worst ones possible. This will not hold for a long time.

22. The thermostat

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Instead of installing an actual thermostat, this person’s landlord simply put a controller on a nail and left it there.


Image Source: Imgur
Image Source: Imgur

When a tenant alerts their landlord about excessive leaks and drips from the ceiling, they better react or this might happen.

Written by Sven Miller

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