19 Pictures Whose Reflections Opened A Portal To Another Dimension

Image Source: Reddit

Photography has come a long way in the past few decades, and technology certainly helped with that! However, there will always be a short list of things that are even more important than the equipment, and the top two things on that list are the skills of the photographer and their luck! That’s right; being able to capture the perfect moment comes down to having luck! The photos below show the amazing reflections and effects some lucky people were able to capture!

1. The cave photo

Image Source: Reddit

What a way to start the list! This amazing photo was taken in a cave with a small lake inside! The water was perfectly still, resulting in this amazing image!

2. This is one of the best wedding photos ever taken

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure if this is a genuine reflection or not, but it looks really cool! We guess the newlyweds loved this image and it became their favorite wedding memory!

3. Here is a curious effect

Image Source: Reddit

The lens of these glasses created a nice effect here! Someone noticed that the tiny drops of water were able to magnify and reflect the chess board under the glasses in a curious way!

4. Here is what a bit of sunlight could create

Image Source: Reddit

This image looks mesmerizing but there are no filters added to it! In fact, it is only sunlight reflected on a certain surface. All the colors of the rainbow look amazing when they they are concentrated like this!

5. Here is a simple but beautiful reflection

Image Source: Reddit

The glass of this smartphone was thick and shiny enough to be able to reflect the chandelier above it! And it seems that the chandelier is a work of art, too – it looks like a flower.

6. This building is not on fire

Image Source: Imgur

This is what happens when a building with a lot of glass windows on its facade meets the morning sun rays! The effect is awesome and  looks as if the building just caught fire.

7. This is one really cool image

Image Source: Imgur

This image shows that you don’t need a fancy scenery in order to be able to capture a perfect moment. The small amount of coffee in this cup was enough to perfectly reflect the glass pattern of a nearby window.

8. Here is one cool coincidence

Image Source: Imgur

Two vehicles of the same make and model were parked in such a way that the opened window created the illusion they were fused together! We really like this image because the chances of this happening were not that big.

9. Someone noticed a funny reflection and we love it

Image Source: Reddit

You probably noticed the reflection right away! Those smiling faces are really cute and they look as if someone added them to the Tupperware with a sharpie!

10. This tree never lost its leaves

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Image Source: Reddit

Here is an image that almost looks like a piece of art. It shows how all the leaves of this tree fell down to the ground, but they ended up on the water surface below that happened to reflect that exact same tree.

11. Here is a curious pair of glasses

Image Source: Reddit

Do not be alarmed, these glasses did not come to life! What looks like two curious eyes is merely the reflection of the ceiling lamp. but it created a funny effect!

12. This VW Beetle came to life

Image Source: Imgur

The street lamps created the cutest possible effect on this old VW! It looks like the car came alive, just like in Cars movie! Someone was lucky enough to capture this perfect moment!

13. Here is a stunning reflection

Image Source: Reddit

The liquid in this tall glass created a stunning effect! The ear buds behind the glass were literally transformed into what looks like a fish floating inside the glass! This is amazing.

14. Here is another reflection created with the use of a glass

Image Source: Imgur

Someone was able to nail the perfect moment here! They obviously knew what they were doing because the image is really beautiful and it does created the effect of a city trapped inside the glass!

15. This is no ordinary building

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is one curious effect! We believe that whoever took the photo spent some time to admire it. The side of this building reflects the surroundings in such a way that it looks like a render with a glitch!

16. This image could spark some interesting theories

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that having the chance to take an image like that is a rare opportunity, and it can give a reason for people who love UFO theories some food for thought!

17. This is just too funny

Image Source: Reddit

This diner offers an unexpected way to have fun while you enjoy the meal! These reflections definitely caused a lot of smiles and chuckles by most people who went there!

18. This is mesmerizing

Image Source: Reddit

This person is standing in the perfect position in order for her glasses to reflect what is ahead of her! It looks as if her eyes were portals to another world!

19. This is kind of creepy

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this image would be too spooky for most people but it is just another commuter’s reflection!

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