27 Photos Of People In China Having No Idea What They Are Wearing

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Sometimes people wear outrageous outfits on purpose, because they want to stand out from the crowd or they simply want to make a statement! However, in other cases people don’t have the slightest clue that they are wearing something that may be considered funny or embarrassing by most people. The reason they allow these things to happen may be a simple one, and this list is the perfect example. The language barrier is still a reason for a lot of misunderstandings, and some of them involve clothing. Of course, hilarious situations may be witnessed because of a variety of other reasons, too. An American named Alex Greenberg created a website and an Instagram account where you are able to find even more of the same kind of content you can see in the below.

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1. This is a classic one

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This witty saying is quite popular and we love it, but we are certain that this girl cropped her face accidentally and because she wanted to make this a funny photo.

2. Here is a curious shirt

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We guess that this person also had no idea what the shirt says, otherwise he would wear a more positive one.

3. This is an awkward moment

Image Source: Instagram

The shirt this man chose to wear is really funny but he had no way of knowing that.

4. Here is an inappropriate child outfit

Image Source: Instagram

The kid could not care less about how his hooide looks like, but the mother probably even liked the lettering color.

5. This is a curious detail

Image Source: Instagram

This girl either lost a bet or she really needs a crash course in eyelash extension application!

6. We assume that this girl may actually be aware of what the lettering on her shirt says

Image Source: Instagram

We cannot be sure about this, but we can only judge by her facial expression! That is one funny T-shirt!

7. Here is one curious balloon

Image Source: Instagram

We sure do hope that they did not buy this balloon from the amusement park for obvious reasons!

8. That is a bold statement

Image Source: Instagram

This is one jacket that really makes a statement and we doubt that the woman wearing it knew its meaning!

9. Here is one way to say ‘good morning’

Image Source: Instagram

This is not the most appropriate thing to wear while grocery shopping, but hardly anyone knew what it said.

10. We want that shirt

Image Source: Instagram

This is definitely something we can relate to, and we hope this girl knew what her shirt actually said!

11. Here is not something to be proud of

Image Source: Instagram

Everyone who can read in English would probably cringe upon seeing this man wearing a shirt like that!

12. Here is a girl who wanted to show she can be extra

Image Source: Instagram

We are more than certain that she only wanted to make a statement and she would not be able to eat all those snacks!

13. This toddler wears a jacket that is a bit oversized

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that the woman probably had a reason to put on that huge jacket on the toddler.

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14. How about nope

Image Source: Instagram

There are many different accessories that may be considered controversial, but these shoes are even more than that! They are ridiculous!

15. We wish this wasn’t true

Image Source: Instagram

This person probably does not realize that the quote on the back of her shirt is the harsh truth!

16. Here is another surprisingly inspirational quote

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that people in China have the ability to pick clothing with wise quotes printed on them!

17. Well, this is awkward

Image Source: Instagram

This is definitely one of the weirdest images on the list. This person will not be happy if someone translates that sentence to her.

18. There is one very serious question here

Image Source: Instagram

It is more than clear that the mom had no idea what that word means, but the question is who would produce kids’ clothing featuring that same word?

19. Well, at least they tried

Image Source: Instagram

It is more than obvious what they tried to write on that bag, but the uplifting quote backfired!

20. There must be a reason for this

Image Source: Instagram

We really tried to find a reasonable explanation for this image, but we simply could not! It is too weird!

21. This is another weird choice for decorating a piece of kids’ clothing

Image Source: Instagram

We have no idea what the other kids are so happy about. but we guess they don’t have a clue what lettering means.

22. Someone should tell her that she got this wrong

Image Source: Instagram

Well, we can only wonder why this girl decided to weat that top backwards. Maybe she was really sleepy in the morning!

23. This is more than hilarious

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that this brand sounds even better than North Face! They copied that brand here, obviously.

24. Here is another ridiculous outfit

Image Source: Instagram

This girl probably wondered why some people stared at her, but they were just able to read what her pullover said!

25. Here is yet another example of inappropriate kids’ clothing

Image Source: Instagram

While we admit that the lettering is more than funny, it is not appropriate for a child to wear!

26. Talking about awkward kids’ clothes

Image Source: Instagram

This boy looks proud about something but it is definitely not the lettering on his shirt!

27. Someone thought that this was a nice quote for a kids’ blouse

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this is definitely one of the most inappropriate images on the list! Maybe someone should tell this kid’s parents what the lettering on the blouse says!

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