22 Inspiring Success Stories People Over 40 Shared On Twitter

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Our modern society has plenty of requirements and one could easily feel left behind after seeing so many people succeed. Truth is, most of them are not people you should compare to, as not everyone has the same start. Needless to say, some of the success stories you will see online are partially or entirely fake. The list below, however, is different. You can easily admire all those individuals who had massive success after they reached 40 years of age. There is no need to complain if you are in your 30s and you think you failed in life. Truth is, you are just getting started.

1. The strong woman

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This person shared an amazing encounter with a woman in her 90s who was on the path of earning a PhD in linguistics. She was after the noble cause to preserve her language and she estimated she had time left to do it.

2. The grandma

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Here is yet another story about an elderly woman who pursued her passion. This person’s grandma raised a huge family and when she finally retired, she started painting. You can see she’s good at it, too.

3. The growth

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One of the things everyone must do in their lifetime is to strive for improvement. This person obviously has that covered. As you can see, he is just getting started and has already felt a huge change in his personality.

4. The tough life

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This is one truly inspirational story. As you can see, this woman went through the hardest thing possible – she lost her kids. With that said, what she did later is definitely a sign of her strong spirit. She is worthy of admiration.

5. The graduation

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There is nothing like having massive success and sharing it with the people you love. As you can see, one person followed her dream and her husband couldn’t have been more proud of her.

6. The litigator

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Here is yet another example of what strong will is capable of. This woman’s mother in low was determined to become a litigator at 78 and despite she failed at it the first time, she never backed down.

7. The PhD

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This is one of the people on the list we admire the most. Having the courage to become a college student in your 60s is awesome and we wonder if we would be brave enough to do the same thing one day.

8. The giver

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This is the kind of attitude we want to see. Only those who have lost everything can understand how hard it is to build a life from scratch when you have nothing. As you can see, this woman was able to grow from the hard times.

9. The new life

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When life deprives you of the things you love the most, then you should do the only thing you could: replace it with a new one! This is what the woman above did. She decided to build a new life and she did it.

10. The proud man

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This person was the first in his family to earn a PhD which is amazing! Having big dreams and not letting go is the type of effort that really counts. As you can see, it is never too late for anything.

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11. The dreams

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It seems this person has been through a lot, and the best thing about her attitude is that she never abandoned her dreams. She took quite a few turns but it eventually worked out for the better.

12. The attorney

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This is one of those people who know what it feels to have nothing. As you can see here, the man was unfortunate to lose everything at 52 but he simply decided to start a new chapter and he is about to do it.

13. The graduate

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It is never too late to follow another path. This person was able to graduate at 60 and her career has been nothing but successful for the past 11 years. Having the will to do it an awesome thing.

14. The improvement

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People can always do things so they could like themselves more and to feel better. Apart from career development, this person discovered higher self-esteem after working out for a year.

15. The filmmaker

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Here is how a person could stand up after hitting rock bottom and become a different man. He struggled to get sober and once he did it, he simply followed his passion.

16. The law degree

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This person became a lawyer and enjoyed being a student in her 50s. She appears to be really happy with her success and she enjoyed being a student once again.

17. The book

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Here is one great example of how success can come later in one’s life. This person wrote a book at 80, and it became a bestseller! Now the author enjoys the success and the special treatment.

18. The struggle

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Success does not mean fame and fortune. It is also the things people do to turn their lives around. This person lost it all but she still has her kids and her new degree will help her get back on track.

19. The smart women

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This person shared her two incredible encounters with women way over the typical college student age who decided they need to upgrade their education. They both followed their desire and achieved success.

20. The strive

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Here is yet another story of a person loaded with ambition. Her story is just beginning, to be honest, as she is even planning a PhD by the time she is 60 years old.

21. The gymnast

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This person suffered a stroke but never gave up. His desire to do something was stronger than anything and he became a gymnast despite being out of shape.

22. The thread starter

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Here is how the whole thing with success stories over the age of 40 started. This person wanted to be inspired by such stories and his tweet became extremely popular.

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