16 Times Amazing Ideas That Did Not Turn Out To Be As Good As Expected

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Sometimes things seem to happen in ways that nobody could predict. Even if a certain thing costs a lot of time, effort and resources, it could still be considered a fail! The reason is that there are always some factors that could not be taken into account in advance. Of course, these things are not that important in most cases, but it is still not okay when something does not happen as planned.
We compiled the following list for you to see some of the mistakes people make and which ruin their plans and ideas.

1. Everybody wants a bathtub

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This is one of the things we want to have, but sadly not every bathroom could fir a bathtub! It is so relaxing to have a long bath after a hard day of work. However, sometimes people like to feel a bit extra. This is when some special things come into play. As you can see, this person decided to enjoy a nice bubble bath, but it did not turn out as relaxing as planned.

2. This is definitely the wrong message

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When marketers develop a whole brand and marketing strategy for some company, they try to take everything under account. We guess that such a thing is impossible. In every task of such a huge scale there is something to go wrong. This Starbucks van obviously showed one tiny mistake that nobody noticed! It surely delivers a message that the brand creators would never want to see.

3. Here is one gift that turned out to be creepy instead of romantic

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Who doesn’t love romantic gifts? Most ladies would literally melt when they see the thing pictured above! A huge teddy bear is among the best gifts you can give to someone, but we never thought of this kind of improvement! The huge balloon makes the whole thing even better and the teddy bear look so sweet! However, something caused the balloon to shrink, and the end result is one creepy suffocated bear.

4. Some cosmetic procedures require a bit of sacrifice

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Women love to spend an unlimited amount of time to improve their appearance. Some procedures require a lot more time than other, which is why they cost a lot. This is the reason some women choose to it themselves at home. This is not rocket science, but it still requires some skills and attention. As you can see, there are also things that are unpredictable. Such things could obviously ruin the end result. It seems that using a plastic bag from a store to cover your hair while dying it is apparently a wrong choice.

5. This is one really ironic accident

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Sometimes things are more than obvious, but people still fail to pay attention, and they end up in trouble. As you can see, this truck driver failed to notice that he was about to drive under a low bridge. The end result is clearly visible. He probably thought that he would save some time. However, it happened the other way around and he lost a lot of it! The interesting part is the lettering on the trailer. Maybe he should have remembered this slogan before attempting the maneuver.

6. Some marketing campaigns need revising

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No matter what your field of work is, you would definitely need to check the work you did before you submit it. However, some people learn this lesson the hard way, and the end result can be a disaster. As you can see in the photo above, someone came up with a nice idea for a college ad campaign. The nice prints were supposed to be put on random places. They contained different testimonies from former students, but someone had to check them before printing.

7. Assembling a piece of furniture is no joke

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As the photo suggests, you need to pay a lot of attention when doing something. Even if the task seems to be quite easy on first glance, you still need to be careful. Sometimes a small mistake can cast a lot of time to fix. This is what happened to this person. They thought that assembling a chair is no big deal, but as you can see, it was assembled completely wrong and this person needs to start all over again.

8. Yearbook photos can be full of irony

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This is one really interesting photo. As you can see, the message below the photo is quite sentimental. However, looking at the photo above it immediately makes you wonder why this girl chose it. She probably failed to realize that it sounds ironic considering the placement of her tattooed stars. The other possible scenario is that she was completely aware of everything and thought that it was a witty thing to do.

test ad

9. Driving a car is no piece of cake

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This is why you should never let someone drive until they get their license! Many people think that once they sit behind the wheel, everything will be easy. However, things may often seem to be a piece of cake, but driving is not one of them. This person probably thought that a couple of circles around the parking lot would be a good idea despite the lack of driving skills. She was obviously wrong.

10. Here is another simple task that can turn into a disaster

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We love cooking and creating culinary wonders. Of course, it doesn’t take to be a real chef in order to prepare something delicious. Baking a pizza is certainly among the easiest things to do in the kitchen. However, there are some rules you need to follow. You obviously want to start cooking when you are sober, and the pizza must be put in the oven in the right position, instead of upside down.

11. Sometimes quality help can be a bad thing

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you are asked for help and when you actually respond, the whole thing backfires? Well, this here is the perfect example. When this woman asked her partner to give her a hand with applying make-up, neither of them probably suspected what was about to happen. She was puzzled by his make-up applying skills and she immediately suspected that he probably cheated on her. The poor man probably regretted his decision to help.

12. Reviving childhood memories can hurt

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We all feel nostalgic about the good old days. Most people would give everything to be able to go back to the careless times when they were kids. The good thing is that reliving some of these memories costs nothing! All you need is some free time and courage, and a swing, of course! But you also need to be careful, because you are not a kid anymore, and playtime can easily turn into a disaster!

13. Red lipstick is not such a good idea in some cases

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Some parties can be really wild. When alcohol is your main advisor for the night, you should expect the unexpected. Sometimes meeting someone and instantly hooking up with them is not such a nice thing, especially when you are drunk and not aware of your appearance afterwards. As these photos suggest, two of the people in these photos had a close contact, and it is easy to tell who they are.

14. Spending some time in the wild would be better without a costume like that

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We have no idea why would someone actually go into the wild in a zebra costume, but there was probably a good reason for that. However, we guess that there is not a good enough reason to do it! As you can see, the predators immediately thought that the zebra was real, which is not good for the person behind the costume. Some lessons are learned hard, but in this case the idea was not good to begin with.

15. Here is one of the weirdest photos ever

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We have all seen weird photos before, but this one tops all of them! What you is actually this person’s attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend. This makes the photo even weirder! You have probably seen or did your own attempts to win back you ex-partner, but doing it like this looks insane. This person probably tried to demonstrate that his life was reduced to ruins after the split. The only thing we are not sure about is why he looks like someone kicked him between the legs.

16. Goofy things in the gym are not a good idea

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Sometimes people push their luck too far. As you can see, this man probably wanted more core stability, but this exercise requires a lot of skill and strength. If he is not careful enough, you can be sure that the whole thing can easily result in a bad injury! We hope that he completed his effort without a problem.

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