26 Kids Who Got Upset And Cried Because Of A Ridiculous Reasons

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Kids can get upset because of no reason at all and every parent could confirm that. Even in the cases when there is no reason for them to cry or feel intimidated, they become dramatic to the point it turns into a tantrum. Needless to say, this is kind of annoying sometimes but it is also fun to see in certain cases. This is what the list below is about.

1. The variety

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There is nothing we could say here except to underline the fact that parenting is an extreme sport and only those who have practiced it know how it feels firsthand.

2. The grandson

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Now, this is something very peculiar and many parents would not know how to act. As you can see, the reason why this kid cried was his family calling him by his own name. There is nothing to be done here.

3. The boogers

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Sometimes, kids are not aware of the concept behind a ban. If a parent does not let a kid do something, it is likely to be for their own good. In this case, the kid wanted to do something he was not supposed to.

4. The waffles

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The requests kids have can be utterly annoying especially when they changed their mind immediately after they received exactly what they asked for. As you can see, this kid did just that.

5. The fingernails

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There is little to no doubt that peeling fingernail paint is something that could never cause pain. Still, one girl insisted that her mom needed to put a bandage on every finger which is absurd.

6. The toiler roll

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Here is yet another example of a kid who cried her eyes out because of a reason that should not exist in the first place. Destroying a toilet roll should be considered a violation of house rules.

7. The multiple reasons

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Kids seem to have a weird way of understanding the basic needs of a family, especially the main one – a stress-free environment. Toddlers are especially those who try to stir the pot every now and then.

8. The weird reasons

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People understandably try to convince their kids to let go of their weird and sometimes impossible ideas but kids believe their parents are just stealing the fun from them and start crying soon after.

9. The mango

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Sometimes, parents are not even near their kids when the reason for the toddler’s tantrum occurs. Just getting out of the kid’s mouth is obviously enough to make them cry.

10. The sneeze

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Now, this is something kids should learn from an early age, and given the situation at the moment, making sure they learn that sneezing in someone’s face is a huge no-no.

11. The popcorn maker

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There are thousands of reasons why a kid could start crying and these are just a few of them. Sleeping with a popcorn maker is out of the question and the lack of puddles would hardly be considered a real problem.

12. The reasons

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This person admitted she was tired and we can definitely tell that! As you can see, she was under a lot of pressure trying to calm her kid after the toddler cried because of the weirdest possible reasons.

13. The rat

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Kids are known for wanting things they see and they see a lot of things that they should never want or receive. In this case, a kid wanted to play with a rat which is absolutely unacceptable!

14. The meat

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Here is yet another portion of absurd reasons why a kid cried. The part about the meat is actually hilarious but nothing compares to a kid walking around and saying the word suggested above.

15. The popsicle

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Here is one of the best ways to describe fatherhood. This proud dad simply wanted to deliver what his daughter wanted and when she got it, she immediately denied it until it was taken away.

16. The selection of reasons

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Another person decided to suggest more than a few of the reasons why her son cried at home. As you can see, the kid cried for just about every reason imaginable, regardless of how absurd it might be.

17. The burrito

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Well, kids live in their own world and we might as well accept it. As you can see, this toddler believed that there is a wrong way to fold a burrito and that pants can be way too black for him.

18. The twins

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Having twins is a blessing that not every mom has the privilege to enjoy. Still, with more kids comes a bigger responsibility, too, and this person shared a story that gives you a pretty good idea of that.

19. The cup

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The cup was the least of this mother’s worries, as she continued with a list of reasons why her daughter cried that we find to be hilarious. You can bet she wasn’t laughing during any of those episodes, too.

20. The pineapple

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It seems that kids focus on the kind of problems that do not need an alternative solution or do not need one at all. This short story surely gives everyone an idea about what it is like to have a kid.

21. The shirt

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The times when kids decide to dress themselves are actually precious moments when their parents can have a few minutes alone. In this case, letting the kid dress on her own backfired massively.

22. The phase

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There are times when a kid is seemingly attached to only one of the parents but these are just periods that the parents cannot easily explain and they just let them pass and enjoy it when everything comes back to normal.

23. The clever kid

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It seems that talking about your kid’s interests is an incredibly challenging thing because you need to know everything about them. As you can see, this little dinosaur fan was not happy with these mistakes.

24. The weird request

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Here is one of the weirdest tweets on this list. We cannot imagine how a kid would get that idea but we are glad that the whole thing ended peacefully.

25. The haircut

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It seems that this father had some explaining to do when he decided that shaving his head would not be a big deal but it turned out it was.

26. The kid

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Well, sometimes kids do cry a little bit too much and we have all experienced it. All we have to do it to look from the good side of the whole story.

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