19 Pictures Showing The Everyday Struggles Tall People Face

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Many people think that being tall is some kind of blessing and that individuals who tower over the others are privileged in some way. This could not be further from the truth, and those who claim the above mentioned things are not tall people for sure! As you are about to see, being tall is not a privilege at all! In fact, the reality is completely different and tall people find a lot of obstacles and struggles in their daily routines and activities! If you want to know what it is like to be tall or if are tall and want to relate to others’ struggles, then the list below is for you! It is super amusing and eye-opening!

1.  Bathtubs are often not suitable for tall people

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Here is something that is super simple but it would never occur to people with regular height! Tall individuals are happy when they actually have the pleasure to sit in a bathtub that they could fit in! This happens rarely since most bathtubs are a regular size and those that are higher than other use bathtubs as pictured here.

2. Medical examinations could also be harder when you are tall

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On many occasions going to the doctor’s office is hard because there are numerous tests and machines you need to go through, and your height would make that a difficult task sometimes. Even measuring the height could sometimes be a problem for the medical staff, and you can see why!

3. This is one collage that says it all

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This person decided to use a simple collage as the perfect tool describing the struggle behind being tall. Seemingly ordinary everyday activities become a burden if you are about seven feet tall, and this is something that these people are forced to just cope with. It is how life goes, we guess.

4. Here is another thing nobody thought about before

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Attending a public event is almost always harder for taller people! This image is the perfect proof and hardly needs any caption. Stadium, theaters and halls have rows of seats that are often too packed for a tall person to sit comfortably on, and you can see the result!

5. ATM machines are sometimes hard to use as well

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Here is another unexpected struggle that people with average height would never be forced to deal with! Some, if not most ATM machines are too close to the ground, meaning that those who are exceptionally tall need to literally bend over or kneel down, which is not funny at all!

6. The T-shirt says it all here

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As funny as this appears to be, it actually addresses a serious issue! Ceiling fans are often on a mission to scalp any tall person who happens to dare and try to pass beneath them. You see, most people who are taller than six feet have had close calls with ceiling fans and chandeliers!

7. Here is another images that tall people would relate to right away

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Most planes are sadly an obstacle for tall people who are most often forced to endure a long flight stuck in a seat in a similar position to the one you see here! There is no other way, unfortunately, unless they are willing to pay for a first class ticket instead of opting for a low-cost airline.

8. Here is why super tall people feel weird in public restrooms

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There is little to no privacy for you if you are taller than six and a half feet! You would tower over 90% of the people around you all the time, meaning that you would be easily noticeable from every direction. This is also valid when you attend a public restroom!

9. Here is one more annoying everyday struggle

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This might not look like much of a problem, but it is! Everyone would like to make sure their appearance is on point before they step out of their home, right? Well, tall people have a problem with doing so, because most mirrors are shorter than they should be, so desperate measures are sometimes needed!

10. This is yet another common problem

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It appears that tall people can be easily united by the problems they all have, and the one shown here is probably the most common of them all! As you can see, this person’s head is sticking out of the sunroof opening, meaning that he would never fit if it was closed!

11. Group photos featuring exceptionally tall people always look odd

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This is not that much of an issue, but it is still something that tall people would prefer to be avoided if possible. As you can see, the newlyweds are significantly taller than the others and the photo looks almost as if it was altered in order to look this way!

12. This is also something that we consider to be a struggle

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Sure enough, this is not always the case. This person is simply a giant compared to people with regular height, which is why he had to literally kneel down in order to use the kitchen. Even if kneeling down is not needed, tall people need to bend over, at least, which is inconvenient!

13. A simple hug is also difficult when one of the people is much taller than the other person

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This happens almost every day and there is no way of avoiding it. If you are tall and you need to hug someone, chances are that you would be forced to bend over quite a lot, meaning that eventually you could even experience back pain! The photo suggests one possible solution for that!

14. Talking about hugs

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Love and affection needs to be displayed all the time, and what better way to do that than just giving the one you love a hug? Well, as we already mentioned, it could be a challenge, and you can definitely see why! It is an everyday struggle but it is worth it.

15. This is yet another example of how hard it is to be tall

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Of course, this man is towering above even those individuals that are considered to be tall, but the problem shown in the photo is a common one. It happens all the time and it shows that being tall is mostly related to difficulties rather than advantages.

16. Commuting is almost impossible when you are tall

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The only way for a tall person to enjoy commuting on a daily basis is to stand. Sitting down would result in exactly the situation you see here, and you can bet that it is not exactly a pleasant one, too! Privacy is impossible when your legs are more than four feet long. It is like a burden, to be honest.

17. This is one hilarious situation

Image Source: Cheezburger

Of course, it is only funny if you see it from aside! Being forced to deal with this on a daily basis is anything but funny! The major inconvenience height might cause multiple times a day is something tall people need to simply put up with, and they don’t even complain about it, because in most cases there is little room for improvement!

18. Using a pull-up bar is close to impossible when you are tall

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This is not something that most people would attempt to do in their lifetime, but those who do wish to use a pull-up bar at home will face the struggle we all see in this photo. There is no way for a tall person to pull themselves up and go all the way down with their legs straight!

19. This is hilarious but it is a problem after all

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These dispensers are usually mounted high in order to spread their aroma evenly and not cause discomfort to the people inside, but it seems that there could be a problem with that after all!

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