17 Times People Didn’t Know What They Found, But Redditors Were There For Them

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There are people who have the time to share the curious things they find. They sometimes share them not to brag but to ask questions in relation to their findings. Needless to say, some of the objects found are more than curious, and sharing them was a must.

1. The shipwreck find

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was lucky enough to be near an old shipwreck. They even found a tiny object they shared in this post. The cube was initially thought to be an ancient means of payment but people on Reddit suggested that it was a cufflink or a coat button.

2. The face

Image Source: Reddit

Someone bought a house and found this inside. The previous owners left it and the new owner wanted to know what it was. Since the house was located near an Ottoman-era fortress and an ancient Roman road, they thought it was related.

3. The carved stone

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Someone was thrilled to find this item because it immediately reminded them of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures and, more particularly, of Angelo. It seems that the “Yo, Angelo” greeting lived in real life for the first time.

4. The shells

Image Source: Reddit

This is the last thing one could expect to find while walking alongside the coastline. We all see what these are but it is still curious to see the things anyone could stumble upon. These found near Cumbria in England.

5. The rusty element

Image Source: Reddit

Here is the curious item someone found in the Adriatic sea. They believed it was an axe but someone commented on the post and suggested that it was something else. It was thought to be part of a Hawsing Iron. It was used to caulk wooden seams on boats.

6. The bottle

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one curious find. Someone came across this on the bottom of a lake and it was a full bottle of alcohol, tightly sealed. They had no idea what was inside or when it was thrown there but they took a chance and tasted it.

7. The creature

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found this bizarre thing and you can understand why they were amazed and puzzled at the same time. They immediately related it to a creature featured in a video game and it sure looks like something that is not supposed to exist.

8. The hidden board

Image Source: Reddit

Here is an interesting discovery. Someone found this behind the cupboard in their new home and you can see that it is a curious find. It seems that it was used as a board for pinning random things like recipes or calendars.

9. The items

Image Source: Reddit

There are more than a few things one could assume these items are but they could all be wrong. They were buried on a site where an old hotel used to be. The vials had to be broken and the golden capsules revealed numbers written on pieces of paper.

10. The ancient wrenches

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Image Source: Reddit

Well, these were never used as wrenches, or at least this is what researchers thought. They were found in a melting glacier in Norway and they were just a couple of the curious items found there.

11. The sword

Image Source: Reddit

The person who posted this image shared the story behind it. His father found it more than 35 years ago in his backyard and he preserved it like that. The item was found in the Netherlands and the person has yet to receive information about its origins.

12. The curious object

Image Source: Reddit

The ground is full of hidden objects and treasures that are just waiting to be discovered and this person was lucky enough to find such a thing in Norway. As you can see, it has a lot of fine details despite its small size. It turned out that it was an adjustable sword sheath cinch. It is made from bronze and copper.

13. The hedgehog

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found this poor creature and it eventually benefitted from the cares of a rescue association in Britain. They were puzzled about the blue substance stick on the animal. It turned out that was most likely a grass seeding spray used in many landscaping projects.

14. The PC

Image Source: Reddit

Someone had this for a long time and they were not entirely sure what it was. It turned out it was not a PC, not even a kid’s one. It was just a fancy station combining a calculator, a thermometer, and even a clock. They don’t make these anymore, we guess, but we could be wrong.

15. The woodgrain 

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one rather unusual find that made one person wonder what it was. They noticed these red spots on the wooden ceiling in their home and could not understand what they were but it turned out it was just tree sap.

16. The many locks

Image Source: Reddit

Well, here is the idea is pretty simple. You can open the gate by unlocking only one padlock. The way it’s designed means that multiple people can use the gate, and if one person loses their keys, only their padlock needs replaced. As opposed to one padlock with many keys, you’d need to give tons of people the new key.

17. The ring with button

Image Source: Reddit

This is a Digital Tasbeeh counter. It is a convenient way to count your daily Dhikr. An adjustable strap fits it neatly to your finger.

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