19 People From Slavic Countries Who Are Doppelgängers Of Famous Hollywood Stars

This list is more than interesting because it is not just a bunch of photos featuring celebrity lookalikes. The tricky part here is that all the people below have something in common – their origin! All of them are Slavic, and they all look incredibly close to the people they resemble. We are able to admire them thanks to the Slavorum website, and you can see more interesting things on their Facebook page:

1. Daniel Radcliffe

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We guess that if someone looks at this picture without knowing that it is not the real actor in it, they would be convinced that it is him. They are almost like twins, and the hairstyle and glasses are the same, too.

2. Emilia Clark

Image Source:

Being the huge Game of Thrones fans we are, we almost lost it when we saw this girl’s selfie! We hope that she is aware of the resemblance between her and the actress, because she would be proud to look like her!

3. Megan Fox

Image Source:

This one is just too much! There is literally no chance for us to tell the difference between this girl and the actress! We have no idea how is this possible at all, but it apparently is! They look exactly the same!

4. Nicole Kidman

Image Source:

Here is another case in which the resemblance between the celebrity and the doppelganger is uncanny! Everything about the two of them is the same – eyes, hair, nose, you name it!

5. Justin Bieber

Image Source:

We are more than sure that this person is aware of the resemblance between him and the world-famous singer! This is probably the reason why he proudly posted this selfie!

6. Cara Delevigne

Image Source:

This stylish photo shows a famous face, but it is not actually her! Yes, this is another Slavic person and she looks exactly like the celebrity! This is more than just a coincidence!

7. Here is another Cara Delevigne lookalike

Image Source:

We simply love how these coincidences occur and we are happy that people share such images! Maybe this girl is a different person than the one above, but they both look like Cara!

8. Jennifer Lawrence

Image Source:

We need to say that this girl would easily get mistaken for the actress everywhere she shows up! We would really like to see her reaction upon looking at this image! She would be stunned for sure!

9. The young Angie

Image Source:

If you can recall Angelina Jolie’s younger years, you would remember that she looked a lot different than she does now! This person definitely reminds us of those days!

10. Here is one Sasha lookalike

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Image Source:

You might not recognize this famous face at first, but she is actually a famous movie star! We are not sure if this girl is aware that such a resemblance exist!

11. Ron Weasley

Image Source:

We are more than sure that this person gets mistaken for Ron literally everywhere, and we can all see why! They look pretty much the same, down to the smallest detail, which is amazing!

12. Alan Rickman

Image Source: Slavorum

We all miss the late Alan Rickman! His talent and his wonderful personality turned him into a living legend, and even after he passed away, his legacy is still here. This person reminded us of him!

13. Sis Anthony Hopkins

Image Source:

It is unbelievable, but apparently it is true! This unknown grandma looks exactly like Anthony Hopkins, who happens to be one of the greatest actors ever! Maybe she doesn’t have the slightest clue about the resemblance between them!

14. Leo DiCaprio

Image Source:

Well, you can see right away that there is one obvious difference between this person and the actor. Apart from the weight, they look almost identical, and this is what Leo would probably look like if he gains weight!

15. Here is another treat for TV series fans

Image Source:

You probably immediately recognized Lady Margaery Tyrell! We were stunned when we saw this image and we are in awe of how gorgeous this woman is!

16. Amy Winehouse

Image Source:

Now this is something that made our jaws drop to the floor! We actually felt some chills, too! This girl is the absolute spitting image of Amy Winehouse and we believe that the fans who saw this image probably shed a tear or two.

17. Julia Stiles

Image Source:

Remember how sweet Stiles was next to Heath Ledger in 1o Things I Hate About You? We loved that movie and we still do, and this bride reminded us of the actress, because she looks exactly like her.

18. Bruce Willis

Image Source:

We thought that our eyes deceived us here, but after staring at the image we realized it was not him! As you can see, even the body type is the same, and he would be mistaken on literally every corner if he goes in the U.S.!

19. Angelina Jolie

Image Source:

This is probably the closest a doppelganger can get to another person’s appearance! Only twins look this identical to one another! If Angie was able to see this image, she would probably like to meet this girl in person. We would love to see a photo of the two of them standing next to each other! Now that would be a feast for our sore eyes!

Written by Sven Miller

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