18 Times People Definitely Regretted Getting Out Of Bed Today

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Have you ever felt like you just wanted to disappear into thin air? We guess we all have! Sometimes we get involved in things that we really don’t want to be a part of. Unfortunately, in most cases we realize that when it is already too late to do something about it! As you can imagine, a lot of similar situations have been captured on images or video! After all, we live in the digital era, and our every move is monitored!

1. Overdoing something is not okay in some cases

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We guess that putting extra effort into a certain activity is not a bad attitude, but in some cases it might actually turn out be a bad thing. As you can see, someone printed out a boarding pass in A1 format, which looks like a huge sheet! It must have been a really embarrassing situation! We bet the airport employees laughed a lot, because this probably does not happen every day.

2. Here is how planning a shortcut looks like

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It seems that some people like to keep it real and they refuse to believe in impossible things! This person obviously had no interest in differential equations whatsoever, so he immediately knew he had to plan ahead. As you can see, he decided to work out one possible scenario that seems to become more and more popular these days.

3. This is not the right way to bake marshmallows

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We all have a lot of child memories, and some of them are related to the times we went to summer camp. All those warm nights around the camp fire were great! The fun moments, the interesting stories and the marshmallows are among the things we will remember forever! We guess that this person accidently remembered the part about the marshmallows!

4. Sometimes the side effects are more than visible

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Women love taking care of their appearance. Skin care is among the most important activities, of course. However, sometimes things take an unexpected turn, and not in a good way, too! As you can see, this person decided to trust the label on this product, which was clearly a mistake! We hope that it eventually washed off, but she must have been really worried. We guess that everyone would be if this happened to them.

5. This is possibly the worst delivery job ever

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People can get really excited about ordering something online. The anticipation that follows the order is even bigger, because the estimated delivery time could feel as an eternity! However, it doesn’t always have a happy end. Unfortunately for someone, their package would not be recovered easily, because the delivery person accidently dropped in in the toilet and even left a not as an apology! We have no idea how he did it, but it is definitely a weird accident.

6. Making a mistake in an important corporate email is a classic move

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Every corporate worker would immediately relate to this one. Sending the wrong thing to the wrong person is definitely a classic mistake, and a lot of people have been down that road! Of course, the majority of cases are not fatal, but they can be hilarious! This example is the perfect way to describe such a situation! We guess that her mistake caused nothing more than a good laugh, but she was probably embarrassed about it!

7. Sometimes trying to play it smart backfires in your face

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We guess that even the best jokesters out there have experienced awkward moments. It is a normal thing, because people are not always in the right mood for a joke. As you can see, one college graduate decided to use his last name as a clever pun. However, he had no way of knowing that the girl whose picture is above him would pour out her soul and show her struggle. What’s even weirder is that the girl is actually smiling in the photo while Mr. Dadi does not look too happy.

8. Imagine if this happens to your shoes in the middle of a hike

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You know how a lot of drivers check their vehicles before driving off. They take their time with the tires, because they need to look for visible defects and to check the pressure. Well, it seems that we should do the same with our shoes in order to avoid situations like the one in the photo above! Someone’s day was probably ruined after the lower half of one of their shoes literally fell off!

9. Here is how people can get paranoid

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If you make a huge mistake once, chances are that you will be paranoid every time you see that the circumstances are similar to the time it happened! This person’s brother would probably feel this way every time someone offers him a cup of tea! We guess that putting the beauty blender in such a cup was not the best idea, and the poor person who took a sip has no fault at all.

10. Little things can have big consequences

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A seemingly innocent situation can cause a chain reaction and things can end up in disaster! We are not sure if this person suffered such a thing, but even the broken key is a bad enough situation! Judging by the caption, the owner of the key was probably in a hurry to be somewhere, but things came to a sudden stop! We wonder if this was a car key or the key to the person’s home.

11. Some decisions can cause more than regret

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People are willing to do all kinds of crazy things, and sometimes it is not all fun and games. Even if a certain activity does not appear to be a huge deal, it could still end in a bad way. This person learned this lesson the hard way! After getting a cheap tattoo which was supposed to be temporary, this person found out that there is a problem. As you can see, an impulsive decision caused a scar that lasted for years!

12. People need to be careful behind the wheel

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We all know that sitting behind the wheel transforms some ordinary people into race drivers! There is an immediate adrenaline kick and they simply go into race mode. However, driving aggressively is not a good thing, because a lot dangerous situations can occur literally every second! If you have a friend who drives like that, you should talk with them about this problem. As you can see in the photo above, this toddler regretted getting into the car with mom. We are sure that the mother also felt bad and corrected her driving style.

13. Here is why you should eat your food instead of taking photos of it

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Sometimes people can act really weird when it comes to sharing their live on social media. However, taking some time to snap a picture of their food is something common, which does not make it normal, of course! The photo shows how one person learned the hard way that food is meant for eating! As soon as the person took a shot of their ice cream, a seagull quickly came down and grabbed the treat! The best part is that we got the chance to see it.

14. Some situations need no explanation whatsoever

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It doesn’t take much to figure out what happened moments before the photo was taken! These people were not able to unload the car safely and now they are stuck in a difficult situation. The car needs to be taken down without additional damage, which seems to be a hard task! We hope that they eventually figured out the best way to get that Benz down without a scratch.

15. This woman will be pissed when she wakes up

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Things will always happen for a reason! Most accidents happen because someone was not paying attention! This woman is definitely not trying hard enough to get the pizza home safely. Her quick nap caused the huge pizza to slip out of the box! As far as we can see, there are a couple of pieces missing, so she was probably able to taste it, which is nice.

16. Here is one extremely lucky student

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This is one really scary accident that might have ended a lot worse! We are glad that this student was able to walk away unharmed! The huge tile probably came down with a lot of force, and we cannot believe that the boy was able to avoid injuries! As someone commented below, this tile was capable of hurting someone really bad!

17. This is definitely not something you see every day

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as you can see, this wall looks very nice and straight, which is actually weird, considering the circumstances! Apparently the wall was made overnight by a really drunk man, which makes the whole thing sound like it was taken from a TV show scenario! We guess that this man was both proud and embarrassed the next day!

18. Here is one really strange event

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The last thing you would expect while cruising with your ride down the road is to see a snake crawl out the air vents! As you can see, it happened to some unfortunate woman and she almost crashed her vehicle when she saw the snake! We guess that nobody could remain calm in such a situation, and the woman was able to do the best thing she could. We are happy that she was not hurt.

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