17 Funny Pics That Will Brighten Your Day

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Our world is a wonderful place full of amazing, weird and sometimes unbelievable things! Thanks to the internet every place or event on the planet is within our reach! This means that we all have the chance to see and explore different things from the comfort of our home. Of course, most of us love browsing mostly for funny things, situations and people. Having at least a few minutes of laughter on a daily basis is essential for everyone. This is why images like the ones you are about to see exist! Enjoy them!

1. Dylan is either sarcastic or confused

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We hope that this was a clever joke, because in other case Dylan would be a bit ashamed of himself after realizing what he wrote. After he got the news about the latest addition to the family, Dylan was obviously confused about the message and the only thing that puzzled him was the baby’s name. as you can see, his comment was not what you would expect in such situation. There is a possibility that he used a bit of sarcasm, but he probably didn’t get it.

2. This is one interesting type of revenge

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People seek revenge for different reasons. In some cases they may have a point, but we still would advise them to simply forgive and forget. Of course, most individuals would do whatever they intended to in the first place. We guess that the only thing left to do is hope that we are not among the objects of someone’s revenge. The owner of this car obviously did something wrong. The caption explains a lot, too.

3. Some people accept everything literally

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Accepting everything literally would not lead to anything good in the majority of cases. However, sometimes people actually get the right idea but they still decided to act smart about it! This example shows how one person decided to have some fun. The sign is clear enough and everyone would easily understand it. Of course, practical jokers like the person in the photo use every opportunity to have a few laughs.

4. Obvious things can be funny, too

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It seems that there are a lot of ways in which humor works. You can prank someone or mock them. You can also think of a clever joke or a pun. When humor is combined with intelligence, then you get the best results possible. As the photo suggests, someone created a flow chart just for fun, although it appears to be serious. Talking about Hitler in public is okay only when there is a discussion about him.

5. A simple reflection can be all takes to laugh your pants off

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In some cases the funny moment comes suddenly and you are caught unprepared. This means that you would laugh even more! Unintentional jokes or funny episodes are the best, because they are not planned and happen by chance. As you can see, this is more than just a photo of a club. The interior design features mirrors, and they created a really funny illusion! Just look at the man on the right. The reflection created an illusion that he wears the same outfit as the girl on the left. He is probably unaware of that, judging by his grin!

6. Here is one funny product description

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When you buy something online, the first things you should check are the seller’s feedback and the product rating. The comments about the product are equally important, too! As you can imagine, people often comment in a way that would make you either cringe or laugh! This is understandable and when you spend your money on something, you would also be brutally honest about it. This woman was really pleased with her purchase, and you can definitely tell what the product she purchased was.

7. Sometimes a funny caption makes all the difference

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No matter where you live, chances are that every few minutes of walking you would stumble across a section of graffiti. The urban artist can create really stunning pieces sometimes, but in other cases the graffiti is just random scribbles and offensive words. However, there is a different kind of graffiti, and it obviously takes a special kind of person to create them! The self-censored street art we see in the photo was cleverly captioned and we love it!

8. Taking the perfect photo requires some skills

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A lot of photographers would probably tell you that you need skills and patience in order to take the perfect shot. Of course, you need to have a lot of luck sometimes, too. You can probably imagine that you also need luck, too! In some cases luck is actually all you need! This photo is perfectly timed and the person who took it was lucky enough to be at the right place and time! It looks like something else, but this person is only pumping gas.

9. This is the funniest driveway we have ever seen

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Many people’s dream is to have a nice and wide garage attached to their house. As you can see, these people were able to build on. However, having the garage is one thing, but making sure that nothing stands in the way between it and the street is a completely different story! We have no idea if that pole was erected after the garage and the driveway were built, but it makes getting the car out a lot more complicated than usual.

10. Here is one really clever joke

Image Source: Instagram

Some practical jokesters have absolutely no mercy when it comes to pranking someone. The can go really wild with developing a certain idea. In other cases the prank might not be that savage, but it would take a lot of time for preparation. The photos above show a nice example of that! As you can see, someone took the extra effort to prepare this clever joke. They actually dipped an avocado in chocolate and wrapped it like a real giant chocolate Easter egg!

11. We are not sure that this hairstyle is going to turn out okay

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Sisters often help each other with different tasks and chores. A lot of beauty procedures require assistance and this is also a time when your sisters could step in and help! This photo’s caption explained that it showed the process of a girl doing her sister’s hair. It certainly does not look that way and someone commented on it in the funniest possible way. It does look like chicken with BBQ sauce!

12. This is definitely a funny situation

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When you decide to start a business, you need to plan ahead and consider even the smallest details. Every new company needs a lot of boost and an immaculate marketing campaign in order to become noticeable. The clients only pick those companies who either have a huge background or at least seem to be promising. Selling sliding door and having a regular one at the entrance of your office is not the best presentation for sure.

13. Here is a photo that would be hard to explain

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Every now and then you stumble across a photo that would be really hard to explain. It can be weird or funny, or both, actually! As you can see, some person is wearing a good-looking unicorn mask and is holding something in their hand. We hope that this person did not get inside that truck with the intention to drive away. This would be really dangerous with the mask on. The whole scene is really funny, but it is weird, too.

14. This is something we wish we knew earlier

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It is hard to not agree with these words! People’s lives are very different from one another, but they all have something in common. When we are still kids, all we want to do is grow up and be adults. Once we are adults, we realize that it was really nothing more than a trap. The careless years we spent as kids and teenagers remain as the most romantic and fun time. If you were able to cherish some of that childish innocence, then your whole life would feel the same, which is great!

15. Fashion trends push things a bit too far sometimes

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Fashion is not for everyone, and you could probably imagine that it would not be accepted as a normal thing by many people. Of course, there are situations that a certain trend is really unacceptable, no matter if you are a fashion addict or not. The ripped jeans trend is a nice example, because it just kept pushing things until it went too far. As you can see, this person is wearing more than just ripped jeans. They are literally torn to bits!

16. The funny caption is what changes a photo completely

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We guess that having a sense of humor can transform literally everything. This photo shows what we mean exactly. A common road sign with a clear meaning was used for this person’s clever joke. This witty sense of humor is the best possible way of having fun! The watch seems nice, too, but as you already guessed, there was no trade at all.

17. The Apple watch

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is something that every single one of us have experienced when being a parent. Well, this apple watch got it right and let him know what may eventually happen.

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