24 Times People Proved That Nothing Can Stop You If You Have A Goal

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It seems that every now and then we get stuck regardless of what we are doing because we run out of motivation. They say that motivation does not last long, just like bathing, and this is why both are recommended daily! The list below shows how people did whatever it took them to achieve a goal, and they proved that one cannot be stopped when they are chasing a dream or trying to achieve what seems to be too hard to reach. It does not matter if it is something small or a life-changing milestone; what matters is that we never give up on pushing ourselves even further! Maybe the list would be enough motivation for you to keep you running for some time.

1. This person stopped drinking

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He took this photo a year after since his last drink and you can see that he is probably happier than ever, and he should be really proud!

2. This woman’s weight was just 89 pounds

Image Source: RedditShe used to scared of stepping on a scale because of the number of kilograms she might see, but eventually she was able to overcome that and started eating more. She even began eating pizza!

3. This is a small and valuable victory

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Here is something that is very important for every person. This teenager worked different jobs like mowing lawns with the intention of saving for a Nintendo Switch. Well, he saved enough and could not be happier!

4. This person got a home after a long period of struggling

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This photo means a lot! The person who was able to feel safe and sound once again was thankful for everything, despite not having even a couch to sit on.

5. This person spent 5 months preparing for a role by execising and taking singing lessons

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She did not get the part, but she got much more than that! She was happy because she did good and she also adopted a healthy way of living, and she is fully aware of that. We call it a win!

6. One person lost their granddad and started eating nothing but junk food

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The person also had to deal with depression and cancer treatment, but eventually things started looking better. This was the first healthy meal prep the person did in a long time and it was a tearful moment!

7. This person loved cats but was allergic to them

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After spending some time under treatment with injections, his immunity was strong enough to accept a cat, so he immediately got Legolas – a rescue cat.

8. This man struggled with infertility

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He spent four really tough years but after never losing hope he was rewarded with the family he always dreamed of having!

9. This person and his family moved to a different city

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After traveling around to teach kids Jiujitsu, he finally started his own school in the new town, and soon enough his own kids joined it, making him super happy!

10. This person went through a serious back surgery

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After long months of rehabilitation he went to gym and soon he was able to do a full set of pull-ups, which is when the photo was taken! He looks so proud!

11. This person celebrated her 504th day of sobriety with this comparison

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She admitted that it was a long and hard journey for her and it proved to be tougher than she thought initially. Looking at her now is more than enough to see how proud she is!

12. This person achieved a dream

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She spent years writing a book, and now she got the chance to hold it in her hands! It must have been one of the best moments in her life!

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13. This person found a job and felt good about herself

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It may not seem like much, but the job was what made her stop thinking about taking her own life and she even began to enjoy having free time!

14. This person turned out to be a true artist

Image Source: Reddit

These amazing roses are made entirely out of copper and they were just this person’s idea of fulfilling the mwtal practice task they had.

15. This person had a rough start in life growing up poor with nine siblings

Image Source: Reddit

She turned her life around by becoming a college student who made the top of the class, and she also won an internship at a consulting company. Hard work pays off!

16. Both portraits were done by the same person

Image Source: Reddit

There are two years between these two paintings and you can see the amazing progress of this artist’skills! We guess that they could become even better!

17. This person took their first ride in their DIY electric velomobile. Judging by the smiles in the photo, it was a success!

Image Source: Reddit

18. This person proved to be tougher than Crohn’s disease

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Just a couple of years ago she nearly lost her life but she turned things around and she dedicated her life to helping people dealing with Crohn’s disease and Colitis.

19. These people turned their lives around

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They dropped off the addictive substances and slowly got their life together, and they were blessed to have a baby girl!

20. This person had multiple implants added to their spine because of scoliosis

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Things were never perfect for this person, but now they know it was well worth it, because they live a better life with almost no pain!

21. This person was able to buy his own house for the first time in his life

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Despite that it happened only when he was 44 years old, he is still more than happy and we are happy for him, too!

22. This person opened his dream restaurant

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It happened two years ago and the happy owner is pictured prior to hanging up the sign. It took him a lot of time and energy to achieve the dream!

23. Meet Tanner Wilson, a high school student

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He was able to save money for two years straight and he finally bought this motorized wheelchair for his friend, and we think this is one really noble cause!

24. This woman had to study for an exam immediately after giving birth

Image Source: Reddit

This woman is a real hero and she was able to combine two impossible things!

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