15 People Who Really Do Hate Their Lives Right Now

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It doesn’t take much for your day to take a turn for the worse. It often seems that no matter how careful you are, a lot of things could always surprise you and leave you in a situation you would definitely prefer not to be in! The list below is full of images that many people would immediately relate to! They might not look like much, but each situation shown below could happen to everyone and ruin someone’s day! Of course, we must not take it too hard and if something like this happens, we should accept it and move on!

1. This is really annoying

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We believe that if you have experienced such a malfunction before, you know just how annoying it can be! First of all, if this happens, it would mean that you will have to spend time and money to fix the glove box door. The real problem would be if you left something valuable inside or something that you urgently needed. This would mean that you would need to open the glove box applying some force, which would surely cause even more damage.

2. People who have cats are aware of this possibility

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Here is a situation that we have seen multiple times in different comedy movies and in some of our favorite cartoons. Cats are naturally attracted to birds and fish because they accept them as their possible next meal! As you can see, this tiny fish is definitely in danger, and the owner of the cat, who probably owns the fish as well, needs to take some precautions which would prevent this from happeing again.

3. This is a strange way for a mug to break

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We cannot imagine starting the day without a large cup of fresh coffee! It is absolutely essential because we are not able to wake up without it, not to mention that we are more or less grumpy without it. Chances are that most of you probably feel the same about the morning cup of coffee. Of course, sometimes things do not go as planned and an unexpected situation ruins the perfect moment. Whether it is a malfunction in the coffee maker or a broken mug, it is more than annoying when it happens!

4. Someone regretted opening this cupboard

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It seems that this person managed to cause a huge mess with just one move! This often happens when the cupboards are full of all kinds of stuff! In some cases the shelves cannot take the huge load of jars and cans and they eventually collapse. All that is capable of holding things together is the door of the cabinet. Of course, we have no way of knowing whether this would happen or not, so we just take a chance each time we open that cabinet door.

5. Here is one even bigger mess

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This is one interesting image. It is more than obvious what happened here but the question is how exactly it happened! There are two plausible scenarios. Either someone was carrying this huge bucket of white paint by hand, or the paint was in the back of a delivery van. Regardless of which one it is, the end result is still a disaster and we guess that it took a lot of effort for that paint to be cleaned.

6. Two brothers won the lottery

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Well, they both won, alright, but it is the amount of money they took. One of the brothers own a merely $7 prize while his brother won close to $300 million! It is safe to say that this is the moment one of the brothers was more jealous than the other one. The reason is quite obvious! Of course, we are more than sure that the brother who won the colossal amount of money gave a big part of it to his sibling, because this is what brothers do!

7. Trying sports for the first time is not always a pleasant experience

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Those of you who are active in some sport probably remember the first time you tried it. These moments are sometimes not glorious at all and in some cases they are even funny to observe! The situation you see in this image is the perfect example! It shows the first time the man in the bottom played rugby, and you might say that he really felt just how rough the game can be, and he might reconsider playing again!

8. Sometimes things do not go as planned

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Well, life sometimes gives you incredible opportunities but in other cases it serves you lemons and you can’t even make lemonade! If you do not believe that, just read this story. This young couple sold all their possessions and quit their jobs in pursuit of the dream life they always wanted to have. They bought a sailboat and began their long journey. Unfortunately, it lasted only a couple of days, because the boat sunk. We are glad they are okay and we are sure they were able to restart their plan!

9. This is the kind of malfunction you do not want to see in your home

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People say that your home is also your fortress and we agree that this is the way it should feel like! Unfortunately, sometimes you are forced to feel intimidated in your own home despite the fact you did everything right. The image above shows a nice example of such a situation. This person wanted to protect their home by installing a fire alarm, but the device itself malfunctioned and caught fire. It could have caused a lot more damage, too!

10. You know what they say about winning

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If we can recall what Toretto said in the first Fast & Furious movie about winning, he stated that it does not matter if you win by an inch or a mile – what matters is the win itself. We guess that professional athletes think about winning the same way. However, sometimes the closer a competitor is to winning, the more painful it is to see someone else take the win! The image speaks for itself and the person who lost probably felt bad when they saw the photo finish.

11. Now this obviously did not work out as planned

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We believe that having a good nap is one of the best ways a person could relax. No massage or other activity could beat a long nap on the couch. But in some cases what was supposed to be a pleasant experience could easily turn into a nightmare! As you can see, this person even managed to unfold the couch and turn it into a bed, but just as he was comfy and cozy, the couch failed and the rest can be seen in the photo!

12. Most times you cannot foresee what is really coming your way

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We believe that things can always surprise you with the way they turn out to be in the end. You may think that you can handle what is coming your way but in most of the times this is an illusion. As you can see, the owner of the vehicle that is under this pile of snow knew that snowfall was expected because he managed to lift the windscreen wipers the previous night. Of course, he definitely had no idea that the snowfall would be this heavy!

13. Cleanup on aisle 5

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Working in retail has a lot of different sides to it and most of them are not particularly pleasant. Dealing with different people and issues day after day can be exhausting for every store consultant but it can be even worse. The cleaning staff of this store faced a really difficult task. This mess looks awful and rather dangerous, too. We guess that they have seen it all before but a whole aisle full of broken bottles is probably a bit too much even for a professional cleaner.

14. We guess that Todd messed up big time

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Now this is one sign that can easily spark anyone’s curiosity. First of all, we would have never guessed that a thing such as a lightsaber night existed! It sounds like a lot of fun and we could only guess what happens during such nights. The most curious part of the situation is Todd’s part. He probably did something really serious but we will never know details about it.

15. This is something that can cause a lot of problems

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Chances are that you know what it is like to lose a key or to break one. Unfortunately, this happens much too often. Sometimes the car key breaks inside the ignition and in other cases the house key breaks inside the lock. Such a situation can lead to a long chain of consequences. If your days starts with a broken key, you better stay home and relax instead of doing whatever you intended to do.

Written by Sven Miller

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