23 Of The Best Celebrity Doppelgangers We Found Online

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There’s probably zero chance you’ve never seen at least one doppelganger in your life. Nobody is unique, therefore it is a matter of time you or someone you know sees your own doppelganger, too. But not all such moments are the same, as some lookalikes are the spitting image of someone famous. They could look almost identical and you could never guess who the real celeb is. This is why we thought a list of the best doppelganger images would be a good idea. An Instagram account dedicated to collecting the best celebrity lookalikes gathered some of the most curious comparison images that you could ever see.

1. Ed Sheeran

Image Source: Instagram

We have always thought the singer to be unique not only because of his amazing vocal skills but also because of his looks. Well, it turns out there is someone out there who looks just like him.

2. Mariah Carey

Image Source: Instagram

The legendary singer has rather distinctive facial features but it looks like there is at least one person who really looks like her. Maybe her doppelganger looks more like the younger Mariah, though.

3. Celine Dion

Image Source: Instagram

We haven’t heard a Celine Dion song in a while but this is a good time to hear an old tune. As you can see, the woman on the left is almost identical to the Canadian singer.

4. Bruce Willis

Image Source: Instagram

There is no doubt that Bruce Willis is one of Hollywood’s all-time best action heroes. He is quite unique but this comparison image reveals that he also has a doppelganger. We can’t believe this.

5. Rihanna

Image Source: Instagram

Many girls have tried to copy Rihanna and most of them have failed to do so. The reason is simple: you could hardly copy her because she is as distinctive as can be. Still, the person on the left did it!

6. Kit Harington

Image Source: Instagram

Many girls would be delighted to see this comparison. It seems Kit Harington’s looks are not reserved to himself. The person pictured left looks like his twin brother and we find this to be really curious.

7. Maisie Williams

Image Source: Instagram

Since we are talking about Game of Thrones stars, here is another amazing comparison. It appears that the super-distinctive features of the actress are not as unique as we thought they were.

8. Keanu Reeves

Image Source: Instagram

Many people believe that Keanu Reeves’ best role remains his performance as Neo but we beg to differ. We believe the role of his life is John Wick and someone noticed a man who looks identical to the movie character.

9. Britney Spears

Image Source: Instagram

We can’t remember the last time we saw something new from Britney. She was a real influencer back in the day, as every teenage girl wanted to look like her. There is obviously someone who literally does look like her.

10. Shawn Mendes

Image Source: Instagram

The teenage idol is not only super-talented but also looks charming and his fans appreciate that. As you can see, the young singer has a doppelganger and we are not sure if the fans would accept him as an idol or not.

11. Angelina Jolie

Image Source: Instagram

There is little we could say about Angelina Jolie. We could praise here or worship her but it still would not be enough. She is an icon and it seems she has an almost identical twin which is nice to see.

12. Bella Hadid

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Image Source: Instagram

We could say that a person is beautiful but there are just a few people we think have the beauty of a god. In this case, we are talking about a goddess and she has a doppelganger, apparently.

13. Vin Diesel

Image Source: Instagram

The good old days of the real Fast&Furious movies are long gone but we still have a lot of respect for Vin Diesel and his role. As you can see, there is someone out there with the same appearance as him.

14. George Michael

Image Source: Instagram

This is one of the greatest artists to ever live and he will forever be a legend to millions of fans. One person with the same Greek roots happens to look exactly like him!

15. Margot Robbie

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one of Hollywood’s most trending names. She is the fans’ favorite for all the right reasons and she seems to have it all: the personality, the talent, and the good looks! She would probably be thrilled to know she has a lookalike!

16. Ali G

Image Source: Instagram

Sasha Baron Cohen is not your ordinary artist. You know the kind of things he is capable of he is loved by many people for the same reasons he is despised by others. We prefer to be his fans because we find most of his work to be hilarious. Ali G is his best work and someone looks exactly like this character!

17. Brad Pitt

Image Source: Instagram

We already showed Jolie’s doppelganger and we thought we should show Brad’s one, too. As you can see, the resemblance is quite noticeable and we think that he needs to see this comparison himself.

18. Jack Sparrow

Image Source: Instagram

Pirates of the Caribbean was the kind of adventure we could watch over and over again. It is not just the story or the amazing production; what we really love about it is Johnny Depp and his amazing performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. Someone out there looks exactly the same, too!

19. Bono

Image Source: Instagram

Bono is not only the lead singer of U2 but also a greatly influential person. His charity work knows no limits and he is praised all over the world. One bartender happened to look exactly like him and we love the resemblance.

20. Alvaro Morte

Image Source: Instagram

There is not much we could add here, as the images say a lot. You can notice that the doppelganger wanted to look like Alvaro on purpose but the comparison is still super curious to see.

21. Daniel Craig

Image Source: Instagram

The new James Bond movie is almost here and we can’t wait to see it! Some people think that Craig would never be the most convincing 007 but we think he makes this role better than anyone else. He also has a doppelganger which is awesome!

22. Taylor Swift

Image Source: Instagram

There is no doubt that the young singer took the world by storm and she is now a millionaire. Her fame and good looks are not exclusive to her, though, as she obviously has a doppelganger.

23. Colin Farrell

Image Source: Instagram

Whatever movie or TV Farrell stars in, we just know it is going to be great and we watch everything he is part of. Someone who looks exactly like him might try to steal some of his fame, though.

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