24 Tweets Showing Things That Everyone Above 40 Does For No Reason

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Maybe it’s true when they say that people change as they age, and while that cannot be said for absolutely everyone, it applies for most individuals. It is like a list of unwritten laws, actually. You turn 30 and you start behaving differently compared to when you were 20, for example. But we guess that those aged 40 and above are the most interesting group to look at, because it seems they all act the same in certain situations, some of which are listed below.

1. This is an actual fact

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Chances are that you would never be wrong to serve someone who is in their 40’s a large portion of colesaw! In fact, they would probably be delighted, because it appears that all the people in that age group simply loves this type of salad, and we have no explanation why it is like that!

2. This is something we have noticed as well

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People who are now 40 or 50 years of age never had to deal with the technology we have today when they were teens, so this means they had to learn while new gadgets kept popping up on the market, and they still do. Today’s kids are born and raised alongside this technology, but their parents struggle to cope with it, and this tweet shows just one example of that.

3. This is another fact related to the tweet above

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It appears that these seemingly insignificant things are common for the above-mentioned age groups, and we already pointed out the main reason for that. It is one thing to use technology while growing up and a completely different story when you are forced to use it at one point of your life when it is harder to learn anything at all.

4. Here is one puzzling fact

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We actually noticed this several times before, and we wonder why it is like that. You could almost bet that next time you get on a plane, there will be at least one passenger above 40 who will order some tomato juice! This is the type of personal preference that cannot be reasonably explained, we guess.

5. We believe we know the answer to this one

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Now this is something that most people have experienced, especially when they communicate with their parents. We believe that this is most likely due to the fact that people literally start doing everything with a slower pace as they age, and this includes typing and using all kinds of gadgets, too.

6. This is ab absolute fact

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Well, this is something that most people would definitely relate to, and it is not over exaggerated at all! For some weird reason people above certain age really take their time while using an ATM machine, and this often makes people waiting in line frustrated. Maybe this is just a normal part of this period of our lives.

7. This happens all the time

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Staring is rude and almost everyone knows that, but sometimes people simply could not help it! And you can be sure that if someone stares at you, they are not necessarily looking at you, but rather at your outfit or something that you happen to carry that caught their attention/

8. Here is another reasonable question

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This tweet reminded us of the classic funny picture about the way dads answer the phone, and the image is basically nothing but a yellow font – you get the pun immediately! This is something similar, because it seems that almost everyone aged above 40 pronounces this word as suggested, but we are not sure why.

9. We know how this works

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This tweet suggests something that basically everyone who have ever been to a gym or a sports facility is aware of! Once you enter the locker rooms, you are likely to see almost all of the people above 40 or 50 walking around casually with no clothes on, as if they are enjoying it just like they probably do at home.

10. Here is one habit that we can confirm

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Here we are again, dealing with the struggles certain age groups have with technology. It seems that once they adopt a habit, it is really hard to get rid of it if it turns out to be a bad one. In this case, double-clicking on any URL link is not the right thing to do, of course.

11. This is not acceptable in a text conversation

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There are some basic rules when it comes to communicating online. Writing in capital letter, for example, is accepted as equal to raising your voice or even screaming. Ending a conversation or a sentence in the way suggested above means that you meant something different by what you just wrote or that you are not done saying what you wanted to say!

12. Style has a different meaning to different age groups

test ad
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It is true when they say that people’s preferences change over time, and this happens in every aspect of their lives, too! In this case, the differences in style between different age groups are expressed in many random ways, and the way people above 40 accept this type of jeans is one of those ways!

13. This is just too funny

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The funny part about this tweet is that we hear what it suggests much too often, and you can be sure that you can get tired of saying the same thing over and over again. No matter how many times you explain the difference between the

14. Sometimes people try to appear as tech-savvy as possible

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Well, this could backfire massively, and the tweet you see here suggests one of the most common examples. Using specific terms should be done only in case you are absolutely sure you know what you are talking about, otherwise you might end up saying something inappropriate.

15. Here is something rather anmoying

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First of all, we need to mention that many people above the age of 40 use traditional mobile phones with a real keypad, and the reason for that is simple – they are just used to those devices and they find it impossible to switch to a smartphone. The annoying part is that they keep all the beeping noises the device features, including the one that makes a noise each time you press a button.

16. We actually never thought about this one

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It seems that there are certain things typical for this age group that we had absolutely no idea about! Come to think of it, we have actually heard people pronounce this name as suggested in the tweet above, but we never knew most people in their 40’s or 50’s did the same! It is unlikely to be a coincidence!

17. Here is a visualization of something we mentioned earlier

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This is actually hard to watch, because it seems like it takes forever for the person to type a simple text, even a really short one! We guess that the younger generations could write something in a matter of seconds while their parents would literally struggle each time they had to do it!

18. This is something that should remain in the past

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Wow, this brings back memories, because we haven’t used the voicemail option in a really long time! Even more, we thought that nobody leaves voicemail anymore, but those who communicate with the older generations seem to be fed up with listening to voicemails!

19. This is something similar to the previous one

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We can agree with this tweet as well, because the whole point of texting is to avoid using verbal conversation in the first place! The voice to text option is not applicable in many situations, too.

20. Now this is just too funny to see

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The way someone wrote this post really made us laugh, because it is a fine way of trolling all those who actually do what it suggests! We believe that those who do such at thing are either not aware that capital letters mean raising your voice or they know it and want to use it just to annoy the other person.

21. Here is one of the most irritating things ever

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If you need to communicate with the older generations, you are definitely well aware of how this goes. These people often raise their voices and they are basically yelling instead of talking, because they think that it makes an impact and that they would be understood better.

22. This is an invasion of privacy

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Showing a random image from your phone is something you should be careful with, especially when you are communicating with someone above 40. These people often think that they could just swipe left or right and see other images, as if it was their right to do it! Well, it is not and this is unacceptable!

23. People need to behave like they should in public places

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One of the most annoying things that could happen is for someone’s phone to start ringing too loud in a public place. This is disturbing the peace and is often more than inappropriate! The worst part is that it takes forever for someone to answer the phone and you are forced to listen to their loud ringtone!

24. Here is another interesting trend

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These flip phone cases do not appear to be handy at all but many people over 40 seem to love them and they buy them all the time!

Written by Sven Miller

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