20 People Who Did Things They Later Regretted

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We all make the wrong choice sometimes, but in other cases we simply allow a mistake to happen without even guessing that things could go wrong. Most of these situations end up with embarrassment or maybe even guilt, but as long as nobody gets hurt, we guess that these moments are worth sharing for everyone else to enjoy! The collection of images below shows moments when people did things they regretted almost immediately.

1. This was an unexpected reaction

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People sometimes do their best to try and make others feel good about them themselves, but these efforts can backfire massively, just like in this case!

2. Now this is one curious tattoo

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Considering that people get tattoos done mostly because they relate them to something that means a lot to them, this person must have their priorities straight!

3. Here is something that sounds like a joke

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Here is the moment when someone realized they messed up some time ago without even knowing that they might have done something wrong! The bank should have mentioned that emojis are not to be added!

4. This is not someone’s dream photo

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If you attend a wedding, chances are that you will probably try to look your best and make a good impression. After all, you would like to come back to this moment by looking at photos, right? Well, this person would prefer not to look at this photo.

5. Now this is disgusting

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We believe that every individual out there remembers at least a few moments of their life they wish they could forget! This person experienced such a moment! Forcing yourself to burp is not a good idea.

6. Here is why you need to be honest all the time

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This person probably wished that there was something like a baby rental service, but such absurd thing could never exist, of course! As you can see, she wanted to impress the man she met so she came up with this ridiculous idea!

7. This is why we never go to the forest at night

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Most people like to spend more time outside their comfort zone than others, meaning that they go places that only a few dare to visit! Sometimes this comes at a price, and whoever is misfortunate enough to see this thing on a dark night will pay it.

8. We never thought that this was possible

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Now this is something that we have never seen before and we think it is amazing! This person and his life probably laughed after it happened! We guess that nobody else could get a text message like that!

9. Some marketers really try to shine but all they do is fail

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We get that the thing that sales the most products is the appropriate marketing strategy! Sometimes, however, marketers decide that they should come up with something really clever, but it backfires like the product name you see.

10. Someone messed up here

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Some mistakes are realized when it is too late for them to be corrected! The designers who had to add the stripes and lettering on this tanker did not realize they were supposed to translate everything to Arabic first.

11. This is one deceiving sign

test ad
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We guess that people can find a double meaning in literally everything they lay their eyes on! In this case, however, it is more than obvious what the double meaning is an everyone would see it immediately!

12. Now this is something beyond ridiculous

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We genuinely believe that many people try to do exactly what they were taught to do, regardless of the fact that it might not be applicable! In this case, the hospital staff chose an inappropriate way to teach patients something really important.

13. Here is what happens when the dog groomer misunderstood what they needed to do

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This doggo looks extremely happy but we guess that it is just his normal state, regardless if he was missing his coat or not. The groomer and the owner of the dog obviously had a problem in their communication and the owner did not expect this!

14. Here is why people should be careful what they post online

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Seeing how people see things and fail to realize what they are looking at is sometimes really funny in most cases. In this one, however, it was more or less offensive for the person who uploaded the photo, because someone mistook their baby for lasagna!

15. This must have been embarrassing

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Seeing this literally made us cringe, because we feel that we would probably answer the same way! The Uber driver simply wanted to see how his customer would rate his service, and not how handsome he was!

16. This is what we call a cool prank

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You see the smile of the husband, right? Well, there is a reason for it, and it is the T-shirt he chose to wear! He made it with the sole intention to annoy his wife, and his attempt was a success!

17. This was a close call

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We are more than certain that the truck driver knew what he was doing here, otherwise he would have never risked causing a crash! He is lucky that the lamps are mounted on the side and not on the ceiling!

18. This is just too funny

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Sometimes smartphones tend to stall, and they often need a reboot. In this person’s case, a simple glitch cause these two famous faces’s bios to get mixed up, and they look really funny!

19. Someone made a mistake here

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We bellieve that people often rush things and they don’t take a second to think about whether they are about to make the right choice or not.

20. This was not a good idea

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There are many reasons why you should always be careful before uploading photos online or sending them to someone, and this image shows such a reason. This girl neglected the fact that the ropes on her bed are visible for her mother to see!

Written by Sven Miller

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