30 Interesting and Strange Things People Found And Shared On Social Media

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When was the last time you found something that you considered to be weird or even unexplainable? We bet that you shared it on social media right away! This is what we would immediately do! Of course, apart from bragging about it, other people online could help you guess what you found if you have no clue. In most cases people are aware of what the stuff they find is, but that does not make these situations less curious. Thanks to everyone’s online presence, we are now able to see tons of the strangest things people find on a daily basis and share them with all of you by compiling this list.

1. Here is one interesting story

Image Source: Imgur

We are more than certain that this is probably the coolest way to say goodbye.

2. You never know what you could find while hiking

Image Source: Reddit

People find all kinds of stuff while hiking but finding Winnie the Pooh’s home is something different!

3. This diary dating back to 1941 was found before it got recycled

Image Source: Imgur

It is a real time capsule an the wear and tear it has all over give it that cool vintage look!

4. This glass ball was found on a Hawaiian beach by a married couple

Image Source: Reddit

The sphere obviously became an entire different world on its own and it looks stunning.

5. A man found these baby bunnies just before he decided to mow the lawn

Image Source: Imgur

We are so glad that this man actually checked his property before mowing the lawn!

6. Here is how nature regains its territory

Image Source: Reddit

This looks like a piece of art but it is just a clover patch growing inside a bottle.

7. This Swedish 8-year-old girl named Saga found this amazing thing dating back 1,500 years

Image Source: Facebook

It was found on the bottom of Lake Vidosten and it was the first such thing to be discovered in Sweden!

8. Here is a lucky guinea pig

Image Source: Reddit

One person was playing disc golf in the woods when he stumbled upon this cutie and took him home.

9. This looks like it’s out of this world

Image Source: Reddit

A kid found the most amazing sea shell ever! It was full of squid eggs and it looks extraordinary!

10. Here is crayfish that looks stunning

Image Source: Reddit

We have never seen such a crayfish before! It was in the West Virginian Mountains and we love it!

11. This is probably the most perfect pebble ever found

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found this naturally shaped pebble on a beach and it is extremely satisfying to look at it!

12. Here is one simple but unusual tree branch

Image Source: Reddit

Some girl stumbled upon this tree branch and its unusual shapes made her use it like a magic wand!

13. This man found a massive quartz chunk and became a millionaire

Image Source: Reddit

The huge chunk was found in Arkansas and its estimated worth is about four million dollars.

14. Someone decided to check their BBQ before the season and found a surprise

Image Source: Reddit

A nest full of hungry little birdies was inside and they look super cute!

15. Nature did it again here

Image Source: Redddit

Someone found this magnificent transparent leaf and it shows how truly amazing nature can be!

16. This is one cool calculator

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Image Source: Reddit

The vintage calculator someone found in their grandma’s attic looks amazing and it looks brand new!

17. Here is a curious find

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found a rock inside another rock! It sounds crazy and it looks more than strange!

18. This person and a friend of his found one very special boot

Image Source: Reddit

It is the same one that Reese Witherspoon threw when the ‘Wild’ movie was filmed. Awesome!

19. This weird instrument was found under the floor of an 19th century house

Image Source: Reddit

It turned out that it was a tool designed to pierce egg shells without breaking them.

20. This is an unusual find

Image Source: Imgur

Our modern world began generating the weirdest fossils and this one is definitely a funny thing to find.

21. Here is a pack that you’ve never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

This curious is sixty years old! Someone found it in their basement.

22. This is one gorgeous pine sap piece

Image Source: Reddit

It looks like handcrafted jewelry but it is a genuine piece of pine sap someone found on a wooden pallet.

23. We didn’t even know these existed

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of insects before but an entirely pink grasshopper is a new thing to us.

24. It is amazing to find such a thing on the ground

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found a dollar bill which is almost a century old and it appears to be in perfect shape.

25. Here is a 34-kilogram pearl worth a $100 million

Image Source: Palawan News

The fisherman who found it was not aware of its worth so he just kept it for good luck.

26. This is one strange find

Image Source: Reddit

Someone decided to sort out a vineyard and found this during the weeding.

27. This thing was found on the street

Image Source: Reddit

It is a cleverly carved quarter portraying George Washington as a smoker. It is really well-made!

28. Someone found a dinosaur fossil in their backyard

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, it is not a real dinosaur, but a Toy Story-themed plastic figure.

29. Here is a beautiful stone found in the forest

Image Source: Reddit

This stunningly beautiful stone was found in the woods and it was untouched prior to its discovery.

30. This item is definitely old

Image Source: Imgur

We would definitely like to know if this is a watch or some other vintage gadget!

Written by Sven Miller

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