30 Of The Best Space-Related Pics – You Don’t Have To Be An Astronomer To Laugh

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If you are looking for some fun online, what better thing to do than to combine space-related topics and objects with some sense of humor! This is definitely a mix that could entertain you for a long time! The list below will prove this to you so scroll down and check it out!

1. This is some comparison

Image Source: Imgur

Well, these two images hardly need a caption. How can you argue with that?

2. Here is a perfectly timed moment

Image Source: Instagram

This is a beautiful photo but what makes it special is the caption! It is definitely hilarious and witty, too.

3. Now this is a good pun

Image Source: Imgur

We know a good pun when we see! This one is no exception and you can see why it is so brilliant.

4. We hope this never happens

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something that we would never want to experience! At least the pun turned out to be classy.

5. We wonder why this happens all the time

IImage Source: Imgur

When we saw this we were in shock about how accurate it really was! It is absolutely true!

6. This is technically correct in all its meanings

Image Source: Lifebuzz

Here is a clever image that creates the best pun possible! It cannot be said better!

7. The faces say it all

Image Source: Twitter

These photos represent what the reaction to this joke would be at a comedy club.

8. Clever minds create clever captions

Image Source: Pinterest

Intended puns are one of the best things ever when it comes to having fun while browsing online!

9. We wish this wasn’t true

Image Source: Pinterest

As you can see, as funny as this is, it is also very, very true!

10. Here is something really cool

Image Source: Starecat

If it wasn’t for Elon Musk and his vision, this funny image would have never been possible.

11. No need to panic here

Image Source: Imgur

This funny picture is definitely relatable to most people because they refuse to admit they are lost.

12. Nobody could argue with that

Image Source: Imgur

As witty as this is, we might also add that it actually makes everyone’s day, whether they know it or not.

13. This is kind of kinky

Image Source: Imgur

We all know that finding water on Mars would be huge news and a mission would be organized immediately!

14. Now this is a trick question

Image Source: Imgur

This is one question that is equally funny and clever but we lack the knowledge to properly answer it.

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15. Science is funny

Image Source: Imgur

The thing about science humor is that we would never know when exactly to laugh.

16. Poor Pluto is lonely

Image Source: Imgur

Due to Pluto’s location, a lot of funny pics have been created to picture it as a sad planet.

17. Uranus-themed images are always funny

Image Source: Onsizzle

Chances are you have already seen some of these but the Uranus-themed images are the best.

18. This is not a plausible scenario

Image Source: Pinterest

However, if it was plausible, we believe Snoop would volunteer for a mission.

19. This is very true

Image Source: Memexyz

The clever image above mocks the people who park in these spots and they are many!

20. Here is a wrong way to explain a diagram

Image Source: Imgur

Of course, the huge hole on the side was only for illustration purposes but it is still funny!

21. This is some fine trolling

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one of the many images designed to troll the Flat Earth Society

22. People should be ashamed

Image Source: Pinterest

Mocking this person is the least it could be done. If a rocket could be landed in the ocean, then this must be a piece of cake.

23. Mr. Hadfield had a secret

Image Source: Imgur

We are not sure if the content of the bag is what it seems but this is one cheeky man.

24. Here is a nice pun

Image Source: Imgur

Puns cannot get any better than this one because a good pun is funny and simple, like this one!

25. This is humor at its finest

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that having a good sense of humor looks exactly like this and we love it.

26. Stephen Hawking would disagree

Image Source: Imgur

We guess the meaning of this funny image is more than clear and we think it is really witty.

27. Sponsored mission would be a thing if NASA needed money

Image Source: Imgur

This is something that does not look too bad and one day we may see similar things for real.

28. New Year’s Eve is no big deal

Image Source: Instagram

This funny image mocks the way we celebrate a completely ordinary thing about our planet.

29. Sky is definitely not the limit

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that the astronauts have no limits and they have literally been over the sky.

30. You can see anything from space

Image Source: Pinterest

This is really true! All it takes for it to happen is to bring photos of the things you wanted to see.

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