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30 Pics That We Related To This Thanksgiving And Social Distancing

Image Source: Instagram

Thanksgiving is related to a lot of happy memories for most people but we all know that it is also the source of many funny or even cringe-worthy situations. This is why the list of funny but relatable images below could probably remind you of this year’s Thanksgiving.

1. The grandma

Image Source: Instagram

Here is how most people’s grandmothers react when they want to serve you a refill but you are already full. Better not make grandma angry, we guess.

2. The tradition

Image Source: Instagram

We are certain that nobody expected this funny image to be so relatable but it is, unfortunately. THis is surely the source of many jokes and funny comments.

3. The masks

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this image is just as funny as it is relatable because there is a good chance that most of the Thanksgiving tables this year looked like this. It is for the better, of course.

4. The cleaning

Image Source: iFunny

It seems that trying to be a true family member involves some hard work and by that, we really mean hard work. Doing the dishes after a dozen people had a massive dinner is tough.

5. The career

Image Source: Me.Me

There is nothing worse than being at a table surrounded by your entire family and someone asks about the one thing you don’t want to talk about. That never feels great, does it?

6. The cake

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how most of us behave when we see our favorite meal on the Thanksgiving table. Sure enough, eating a whole lot of food is kind of normal for that time of the year.

7. The comparison

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that some people would actually be happy about the events that transformed this year’s Thanksgiving. Many family gatherings never happened because of the lockdown.

8. The oven schedule

Image Source: Instagram

Those who are keen on preparing the Thanksgiving dinner on their own instead of ordering takeout food or buying the meals from a store know that such a schedule is a must.

9. The show

Image Source: Facebook

Some people would never learn that they need to entertain their dog in order for it to behave during Thanksgiving. This is the best way to do it.

10. The kids

Image Source: memedroid

Well, we believe that most people would immediately relate to this image in case they have little kids in the family. Toddlers are always trying to draw attention and there is no escaping them.

11. The visit

Image Source: Twitter

These visits are not always a pleasant experience, especially in cases when people see each other only a few times a year. The drama one might expect can happen any minute.

12. The fight

Image Source: Facebook

There are people who actually want to start a Thanksgiving fight simply because they enjoy it! Seeing this is enough to make us think that it is a legit reason to start a fight.

13. The argument

Image Source: Twitter

People usually get into arguments after a few drinks and this is also valid for Thanksgiving. There is nothing like engaging a verbal feud with family members you haven’t seen in a while.

14. The decision

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something that we simply can’t deny! Why one type of people prefers the juice, most seem to bet on the cranberries in a bowl and we are fine with both.

15. The safety

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Image Source: Reddit

Here is what some people may consider a win-win situation. There is no doubt that avoiding the Thanksgiving dinner was a must for most people and teens were probably happy about it.

16. The food

Image Source: Instagram

In case you missed Thanksgiving this year, we guess that you also missed getting absolutely full after spending hours at the table. There is no other feeling that we compare to this one.

17. The recipe

Image Source: Twitter

Most Thanksgiving dinner hosts are struggling with preparing the turkey especially if they need to do it for the first time ever. We guess this recipe could help.

18. The milk

Image Source: Instagram

Here is how one funny image was able to wrap up the behavior of many kids that happen to be at the dinner table. They always pretend that their milk or juice are wine.

19. The full tummy

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that grandmothers simply do not care about your preferences and they have a complete disregard for your full stomach. They will simply put more food for you to eat.

20. The excuse

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that some people are actually sad because they have an excuse not to go this year but they cannot stay away even if they wanted to.

21. The holiday season

Image Source: Twitter

There is something about the holiday season that makes all of us want it to last a lot longer than it is. We guess that we got that in 2020, at least partially.

22. The embarrassment

Image Source: Instagram

Some people are aware of the fact that the one family member who always does embarrassing things would hardly cease to act like that even if they ask them to reconsider their choices.

23. The eggs

Image Source: Twitter

Preparing the family dinner is a painstaking process that takes a lot of time and energy which is why people who are busy doing it want it to be perfect but it doesn’t happen in most cases.

24. The family portrait 

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one description of a family that really made us smile but we guess that more than a few people out there saw exactly that combination when they visited their family for Thanksgiving.

25. The look

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is the look most people want to achieve but the behavior is what matters, of course. We have seen people act like that and they seem to have a winning position every time.

26. The question

Image Source: Twitter

Well, there is a lot of sarcasm here and you can see what this person meant. This is hardly possible to happen but the scenario can work the other way around.

27. The music

Image Source: Instagram

There are people who cannot stand Christmas-related things earlier than December and we guess that playing Christmas songs to them on Thanksgiving would end up in a dramatic episode.

28. The phone call

Image Source: Twitter

Talking about sarcasm, here is yet another person who had a tempting offer for all those who were home alone instead of being with their families. These are the question they often ask.

29. The disease

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is the kind of humor that we actually think not everyone would accept but it is still witty and we like it.

30. The ban

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one funny suggestion that not many people probably took advantage of but we still like this way of thinking.

Written by Sven Miller

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