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Top 30 Hilarious Animal Fails That Will Make You Grinning From Ear To Ear

Image Source: PA Images

Typing ‘fail’ in the search box of your browser will lead you to millions of results. The reason for that is that seeing other people fail at numerous things can be amusing, as long as everything is fine, of course. But it seems that it is a rare thing to stumble upon a compilation of fails involving animals! We can assure you that they can be even funnier, because animals simply do not realize what failing means! The list below gives an idea what happens when animals fail, and it is hilarious to see!

1. This seal did not expect to end up like this

Image Source: Reddit

The seal in the photo found out the hard way that there was glass there,

2. Here is a goose making the most of the situation

Image Source: Reddit

When there is no lake in sight, the parking lot puddle would have to do.

3. This kitty does not give up easily

Image Source: Reddit

This image was captured in the perfect moment when the feline tried to keep its grip.

4. Now this is an emergency situation

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one little guy who never thought about the possibility of this happening.

5. Manatees are awesome

Image Source: Reddit

We love seeing manatees swim around and we guess this one has a hard time navigating its way around.

6. This dog fell for it

Image Source: Stylish Steve

That sign was put there for an unknown reason but it seems it was realistic enough to fool that doggo.

7. This crocodile has no idea how funny this is

Image Source: Phillanoue

If only the creature knew that this image would be used in multiple jokes!

8. Here is a tiny animal that needs to reduce carbs

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this hamster should immediately start a diet in order to avoid this happening again.

9. The face says it all

Image Source: Tom Stables Photography

It appears that this bird is lucky enough to be alive after doing what it did!

10. Here is a dribble gone bad

Image Source: CBS

This beautiful animal may actually be unaware of the presence of that basketball!

11. This photo was perfectly captured

Image Source: Adela Sirghie

We guess that this kitty just realized it made a mistake in the very same moment the photo was taken.

12. Running on ice is dangerous

Image Source: Imgur

Just ask this deer – it slipped pretty badly when running over the frozen river!

13. Now this is a big kiss

Image Source: Shutterstock

This swallow almost tried to swallow its mate which is kind of curious to see!

14. This is one tough landing

Image Source: ABC

This baby panda was able to crawl to the edge of the table and fell down face first!

15. Here is a bird with accidently added accessories

Image Source: Caters

There is something really special about this bird and it has something to do with that bread crust.

16. This ferret is probably a guitar fan

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Image Source: Instagram

This is what happens when you leave your ferret alone for a couple of minutes.

17. Not being able to enter your home is a bummer

Image Source: 500px

This ground squirrel either needs to remodel the entrance of its home or lose weight.

18. The snake is not going down without a fight

Image Source: Flickr

This bird was probably surprised by the counter attack this snake initiated.

19. Here is why pandas are everyone’s favorite animal

Image Source: Quora

These giant goofballs are notorious for always getting themselves in trouble!

20. This deer has a lot on its head

Image Source: Caters

And we mean that literally! You can see that it is probably not the best feeling and the deer is annoyed!

21. Here is a baby seal playing in the sand

Image Source: 500px

This is not exactly a fail, but you might say this little rascal failed to cover itself with sand entirely!

22. Here is a hedgehog waiting for assistance

Image Source: Reddit

This little fella was probably confused about what happened and needs assistance.

23. This baby hippopotamus experienced some invasion of privacy

Image Source: Comedywildlife

The poor little fell appears to be making an attempt to shake off the problem.

24. Some golfers found this chubby squirrel

Image Source: Reddit

It is a good thing that they found the stuck animal and rescued it because it was a serious situation.

25. This is not the most graceful bird ever

Image Source: Reddit

Not all birds are the same and some of them are capable of only short flights like this one.

26. Here is a fox learning a valuable lesson

Image Source: Dailymail

The skunk showed this cute fox how invaders of privacy are treated!

27. This kitty probably did not meant to steal the lollypop

Image Source: Reddit

The kid in the back appears to be frustrated after losing his lollypop while the cat is confused about it.

28. These bears need better coordination

Image Source: Pinterest

You can definitely tell that the bear below is not happy about what happened!

29. It appears this bear follows the safety instructions strictly

Image Source: YouTube

It is a good thing to see how even a wild animal can follow the safety precautions.

30. This cute little mouse has some nice moves

Image Source: Imgur

This little guy looks like a secret agent busted in the middle of a mission.

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