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7 Inventors Who Regretted Their Creations BIG TIME


4. Ethan Zuckerman

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The most annoying invention in the history of the world just might be the pop up. You’re in the middle of reading a very interesting story on the Internet when something pops up to try to sell you something and ruins your good time.

The pop up was created to advertise goods and services on the Internet. I know it seems as if it was invented just for your annoyance, but I’m here to tell you that you are not the only one!

As matter-of-fact, Ethan Zuckerman, the man who invented the pop-up, feels the same way! He worked for a company called during the 90s, and they marketed content and services to college graduates.

Later they turned it into a webpage hosting provider and they needed more advertisement money to keep going. That is how the pop-up became the bane of our existence.

He has apologized many times in interviews for creating it.

I bet people throw rocks at him when he walks down the street.

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5. Tim Berners Lee

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Imagine that you created the most significant thing ever invented, pretty much by yourself, but one little thing about it bugged you so much that you regret it.

That is the case for Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the Internet. He not only created the World Wide Web, he gave it to us for free. He could have easily followed the path of self serving greed and become the richest man in the world, but he did what was best for the greater good.

What an amazing man. His net worth today is a respectable $50,000,000, but that’s nothing compared to how much money the Internet generates daily!

It would seem that with this most important invention of all time, there would be no regret worth mentioning, but he has one. The double slash.

Some of y’all are probably too young to remember having to type in http:// before the web address, because now it’s automatic. But after he wrote it to be this way, it was realized that the colon could have stood alone. No double slash needed.

I think, in the grand scheme of things, he is doing all right and we can forgive him this one transgression.


Thank you for my source of income and entertainment, Mr. Lee!

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6. Cubicle Inventor, Bob Propst

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If you have ever had an office job you have likely spent time in a cubicle. The man behind the most hated proponent of office work regrets inventing it.

Bob Propst wanted to create a workspace that gave workers privacy, but also allowed for some socializing as well. His original idea was a spacious area where there was the best of both worlds.

The greedier corporations became, the smaller and more isolated office cubicles were, leading employees to feel like animals in cages.

As time went on and the companies started calling for smaller and smaller spaces, Propst was disheartened that his idea had become something so opposite of what he intended.

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7. Pepper Spray regrets

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The misuse of his invention, most recently by police, has Kamran Loghman regretting that he invented it at all.

His original intention for pepper spray was to be used only in the case of an officer being physically attacked, not for crowd control or to assert force for no reason.

This is a dangerous chemical compound that came with strict guidelines when he created the technology to weaponize it.

It may not have ever crossed your mind that someone would regret an invention, but here is proof that some absolutely do. It’s hard to imagine how things can go wrong, or how other people will see what you create. It’s disheartening for the inventors to see their creations used in ways they didn’t imagine.

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