“Lonely” Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen Was Caught Because Of A Clogged Toilet

Dennis Nilsen, a serial killer with a lot of twists, will be featured on the Voice Of A Serial Killer documental series on CBS Reality.

Nilsen used to be a policeman and a butcher prior to that, so he put the skills he received from working in these positions to use in his sinister crimes, eventually becoming one of most horrifying murderers London has ever seen.
The monster used a typical scenario to lure his victims, all of them young male gays. He used to seduce them to come to his apartment, where he would torture, kill and dismember them, after which he would hide the remains under the floorboards. When the smell of the rotting bodies became too strong, he would bury them in his garden, which eventually turned into a cemetery.

Dennis Nilsen managed to slaughter at least a dozen young men in a four-year period during the late 70s. He says that keeping their corpses inside provided him with a certain comfort, because he needed the company and he did not want them to leave in the morning. The most satisfying part for him was that he felt strong and powerful.

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Dr. David Holmes commented on his crimes for the Voice of a Serial Killer series, and said that Nilsen was a true chameleon who managed to completely blend in with society, and that he was one of those people who made others feel at ease. According to the specialist, Nilsen was aiming to lure passive men, because he did not want a lot of interaction between him and his victim. He apparently liked the company of a pronate character in order for himself to feel dominant and stronger.

The murderer used to go to Camden in North London to hunt for new victims. His attitude was friendly and he acted shy, which clearly worked well. When he eventually found who he was looking for, he got them back into his flat of horrors, where he executed them by drowning or suffocating, and then the creepiest part comes in – he would bathe and dress up the corpse after the murder. When the body would start decomposing, he would dismember it and either burry the parts in his garden of flush some of them down the toilet.

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Image Source: PA

The reason for his arrest was the last method of disposal he practiced. When the drainage system became clogged in February 1983, a cleaning company had to be contacted to take care of the problem. After the gruesome discovery, Nilsen was arrested, and police officers took him to London’s Hornsea Police Station.

Upon initial interrogation he found it hard to remember how many people he had killed and wondered if there were 12, 15 or 16 in total.

Disturbingly, he seemed to enjoy his new celebrity status of being a serial killer. At one point he dressed himself as a corpse and shared even the smallest details about his horrible crimes, which stunned the detectives who worked on the case.

Shockingly, Nilsen admitted that he fornicated some of his victims after he killed them.

The brutal murderer confessed that at one point he had 2 or 3 hidden bodies under the floorboards of the flat. With summer coming in, he was aware that the smell would be unbearable before long and he had to do something, so he thought about it for some time, eventually deciding that the smell would come from inside the body, the soft organs and intestines.

Nilsen also told investigators that he had to be in a very drunken state to be able to cut the bodies into pieces, and while doing that he often got sick of it and threw up in the garden. He also explained that he used to cut plastic bin bags into sheets, on which he would put the body and chop it up.

He planned everything and kept a straightforward routine. He proceeded to cut the head of every body first, before chopping the limbs. Next he removed the internal organs and scattered them in different locations. A few of the heads he put in suitcases buried in his garden.

Nilsen was tried and convicted for six confirmed murders. Later he confessed that he had killed more people. Some of his victim’s names are Stephen Holmes, William Sutherland, Martyn Duffey, Kenneth Ockenden and Malcolm Barlow.
After his conviction, Nilsen spoke a lot to Professor David Wilson, who worked as a prison officer at that time. According to the specialist, Dennis Nilsen was a true narcissist and unlike other brutal serial killers, he seemed a more deeply troubled man who lacked sense of humor.

Another reason for the murders may be related to the tough childhood Nilsen had. He got bullied as a kid and did not have many friends. On top of that, he was already aware of his sexuality and that apparently shut him down even more.
You can watch the full episode of Voice of a Serial Killer on 3rd of January on CBS Reality.

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