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9 Spooky Real Life Ghost Stories Told By People Who Can Definitely Be Trusted

There is no doubt that we are obsessed with the supernatural, as evidenced by our love of horror movies, haunted house tours, and numerous shows about hauntings and ghosts.

There are séances held in the hopes of speaking to a loved one who has passed, mediums are becoming mainstream and almost everyone knows somebody with a personal ghost story.

I have actually had some myself. My grandfather visited me soon after his death when I was just two years old. I never truly believed my mom’s account of it, until he visited my son as well. This happened when my son was around 2 years old. That was a truly hair raising moment.

He had been playing with and being entertained by what I assumed was an imaginary friend for a few months. One day, we walked into my mom’s house and she had hung a picture of my grandfather on the wall in her bedroom. She previously didn’t have any pictures of him displayed. He looked at the photo, and his eyes got really big and he exclaimed “That’s my papa! He plays with me!”

My mother and I just looked at one another in disbelief. There is no way he could have known who he was, and he called him the same thing that I did as a child. My dad is called Papa (pronounced Paw paw) as well, and my son called clearly said it differently, (Poppa) the name I called my deceased grandfather.

I was amazed! He went on to tell us how they danced together, which I had observed, and just hung out and played cars.

Sometimes, people tell you a story like this and you don’t believe a word of it, but what if you heard a ghost story from someone you know to be trustworthy?

The following are stories of hauntings, ghosts and supernatural things from sources you can trust.

1. Ronald Reagan

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One of quite a few stories including President Abraham Lincoln on the list begins with President Reagan’s dog.

At a state dinner in 1986, Ronald Reagan told a tale of strange goings on in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House. Lucky, the first dog, on two occasions, barked excitedly looking into the room, while refusing to cross the threshold. Creepy, right?

He went on to say that Maureen, his daughter, and her husband slept in that bedroom when they would visit. Once, his son in law had awoken in the night and spied a ghostly figure looking out the window. Maureen didn’t believe him and picked on him mercilessly about it. That is, until the next month, when she saw the same apparition in the same spot.

Could it be that Lincoln still inhabits his old bedroom?

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2. Floating Piano

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Another Lincoln entry took place in 1862 and involves the man himself!

President Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, was close friends with a woman who became known as one of the best mediums for her time.

On a visit to the home of Cranstoun Laurie, for a séance, the president and his wife experienced something supernatural in nature.

Nettie Colburn Maynard, who was leading the séance, was led by spooks to play a grand piano, and as she did, it began to float. President Lincoln and Colonel Simon Kase, another guest in the Laurie home, climbed atop the instrument.

The piano then began to shake and jump with vigor until they climbed down.

It has been said that Lincoln took that as proof of some sort of invisible power.

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3. Mary Lincoln

After president Lincoln was assassinated, his widow, Mary, sought the talent of a famed spirit photographer. William H. Mumler was pretty much retired when Mrs. Lincoln’s request came.

Mumler was well known for having the talent to capture spirits in photographs after they had passed. Back in those days, before selfies and digital cameras, photos were not as abundant, and people hired photographers like Mumler to capture one last glance of their loved one.

Sure enough, the photo he took shows Mary, looking serious, and the ghostly form of Abraham Lincoln standing behind her, with his hands resting on her shoulders.

Many were skeptical and he actually stood trial for fraud concerning his photos. They could not be proven fake, so he was cleared. There was no such thing as photoshop in those days. Many experts have agreed the picture is authentic.

It hangs in the public library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, these days.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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