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9 Spooky Real Life Ghost Stories Told By People Who Can Definitely Be Trusted

7. Salt Lake City Theater

A deputy with the Salt Lake City sheriff’s department, Dave Murphy, worked a night job providing overnight security for a historic theater.

Capitol theater is a charming building set amongst the modern day sights of Salt Lake City. Deputy Murphy claimed that he witnessed dark shadows in the building, that could go through the walls.

He claimed that the black shadows came after him one night, as well.

He heard doors slamming loudly and violently one night on patrol. They were slamming so hard that the windows were shaking in their frames.

Then, a woman appeared, dressed in 1900s clothes, and walked in front of him.

I wonder how long he kept that job? I would have had to quit, for sure!

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8. Prince Albert

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Queen Victoria was contacted by a clairvoyant two years after prince Albert passed away. The clairvoyant was a 13-year-old boy who said that he spoke to Albert. He produced a letter from him, apparently using details and a nickname that couldn’t be known.

Later, John Brown, another medium, moved in with the queen. He, too, had been in contact with the deceased prince.

For thirty years, John was the bridge between this world and the next, consulting Albert for Victoria whenever she coveted his advice concerning important matters.

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9. 9/11 Ghost

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When America was attacked on September 11, 2001, The first responders hauled the debris to the landfill on Staten Island.

Many reported an African American woman, dressed in an older style of uniform once used by the Red Cross was offering them coffee and sandwiches.

Frank Marta, a now retired Lieutenant with the NYPD witnessed her many times from a distance. He reported that when he tried to see her more clearly, she would fade from view.

Several other officers reported the exact same experience.

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