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9 Spooky Real Life Ghost Stories Told By People Who Can Definitely Be Trusted

4. Abe Lincoln and the Queen

Yet another Abraham Lincoln ghost tale. He’s one of the most popular presidents dead or alive, it seems.

This one takes place in 1942. The Queen of the Netherlands, Wilhelmina, was awaiting her return trip home at the White House.

Late one night, she heard footsteps and then a knock at her door. She hoped it was news from her country. She got dressed and opened the door.

There stood a tall man in a top hat whom she could see through. She became so flustered that she fainted.

When she awoke and relayed the events to the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, everyone was sent out of the room. Mrs. Roosevelt made apologies for not warning the Queen about Abe Lincoln’s ghost in advance.

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5. Lincoln, again. And Churchill

The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, visited Washington D.C. many times during the Second World War. He stayed at the White House, of course. More specifically, he slept in the most famous bedroom in the place. You guessed it, Lincoln’s.

One evening, Churchill had taken a bath in preparation to retire for the night. As he entered the bedroom, smoking a cigar in the nude, Abe Lincoln’s ghost was just standing there, leaning upon the fireplace.

He claims he said “good evening” to the dead president, looking him in the eye. He went on to tell Abe that he had him at a disadvantage, concerning the nakedness. Lincoln’s ghost smiled in response and left.

All of these stories about Lincoln’s ghost make me want to visit the White House!

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6. Bobby Jindal

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Bobby Jindal is probably best known for being the Governor of Louisiana. He was also the first Indian American to make a bid for the White House.

Long before his political career started, he had his hand in an exorcism of sorts.

He was a student at Brown University when a friend of his, a girl he liked but wouldn’t commit to, found out she had cancer.

Not long after that, Susan (not her real name), began hallucinating and smelling like sulfur. A group of friends came together to pray for the sick girl when weird, guttural sounds started coming from her. She then fell to the ground.

Jindal, and others at the scene began to pray, laying their hands on her, hoping to alleviate what was happening when things got even more strange. Just as Bobby touched the girl, an inhuman voice said something to the effect of him being a coward for not admitting his true feelings for her.

When she finally came out of this horrific state, she didn’t recall any of it and was quickly back to normal.

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