A 2-Year-Old Boy Vanished And The Police Found Him By Following Paw Prints

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On 4th of October, 2017, a 21-year-old mother Chelsea Noble who lives in Harrison County, MS noticed that her son is missing. She woke up around 10AM and noticed that her 2-year-old son (who was sleeping next to her) was not on the bed or in the room. At first she thought that the little kid had woken up and went to the other room, but a little later when she started looking for him she noticed that he was not in the house.

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The worried mother immediately called 911 and asked for help. She was really terrified, because her lovely son was missing. The police responded really quick and in a matter of minutes they gathered K9 unit, paramedic, helicopters and volunteering officers to look for her son.

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They managed to find the child footprints in the woods, but near every print they found there were another prints of an animal. After consulting with specialists they police officers concluded that these were prints of a dog and the child wasn’t by himself. They kept looking for the little kiddo and they knew they were close, because the 2-year-old couldn’t get so far away.

After about 7 hours after reporting the missing child the police received another call. A guy called and stated that there is a little boy in his old truck and a dog is walking around it, trying to get in.

The guy also stated that his nephew called to let him know about the toddler. Apparently when the 10-year-old Blake Carroll got home from school he heard the honk of his uncle’s old truck and went to see what’s going on. Upon arrival he saw the dog (walking around the truck) and the little scared boy honking as much as he can. Blake did the right thing and immediately called his uncle, who called the police.

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They police officers and a couple of volunteers (including the mother) arrived at the spot asap and got the little boy. Everybody was really happy, because the little kid was alive and well. The weirdest part is that the truck was like a mile away from his home. The paramedics did check the kid for autism, because he was apparently nonverbal, because he didn’t answer when everybody called his name and everybody is pretty sure he had heard the calls.

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The dog happened to be their family one. The brave dog followed the kid to make sure he will be safe. There is one old saying “Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend” and we totally agreed with it!

Unfortunately not everybody had a happy ending, because a little later after the boy was found the police officers decided to bring the mother in and to press charges for misdemeanor child neglect. She was taken in Harrison County jail and was set at $1500 bond.

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Editor’s note:

The whole story is really weird and I couldn’t get the part with the 2-year-old going 1 mile away from his home. Well, it is not impossible, but it’s really strange.

I will leave the comments to you guys! Thanks for reading.

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