A Man Found Walt Disney Company Stocks In His Uncle’s Safe

Image Source: Tumblr

Many of us have uncovered pretty interesting things when cleaning out the attic, like old photographs of our predecessors, newspapers from many decades ago and maybe even war memorabilia. You never know what you might find beneath all the dust.

Imgur user 70becks had some serious luck in that regard. While cleaning out his late uncle’s basement, he discovered a mysterious safe.

History can be quite fascinating, no doubt about that, but especially so, when it’s connected to our own bloodline. It’s never a bad idea to explore the past in search of something new!

Maybe if you’re as lucky as 70becks, you’ll find out something no one else had known about until now.
The old safe which he uncovered weighed at around 1000 pounds (nearly half a ton!) and was made out of solid steel so the young man had to think up a way to open it since he didn’t have the combination to unlock it.

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Image Source: Imugr

After some planning and preparation, 70becks made a ramp to get the safe upstairs and together with his father and some heavy machinery, they were prepared to get the mystery box up and out of the basement.
A few failures later, the safe was safely brought upstairs and all that was left for the curious father-son combo, was to find a way to open it!

Image Source: Imugr

Written by Jacob August

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