A Man Found Walt Disney Company Stocks In His Uncle’s Safe

After talking to his grandpa about the safe he managed to find out an old piece of paper which contained the original combination to unlock. The good part is that they managed to find a copy of the original documentation on the lock, because this used to be one of the most secured safes by the time it was purchased.

Image Source: Imugr

Inside, they didn’t find any gold or diamonds. Instead, they discovered a large folder full of documents. With their curiosity still at its peak, the two quckly began going through the papers.

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Most of what they found were just insurance papers and the like, however, they did uncover two greatly peculiar items-Walt Disney Company stock certificates, amounting to 90 shares! After a bit of research, they found out that these shares amount to a hefty sum of somewhere between 3000 and 10 000 USD!

Image Source: Imugr

So folks, perhaps it’s time for an Autumn cleaning! Congratulations to 70 becks! I hope more people get just as lucky!

H/T – Imugr

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