Did You Know That A Group Of Hungry Thieves Cut A Hole In A Lorry And Managed To Steal Thousands Of …


One of the most curious robberies occurred earlier this month. Not just curious but absolutely ridiculous.


A police officer from West Mercia Police reported a theft done by unknown thieves near Redditch in Worcestershire, UK. The thieves robbed a lorry truck, stocked up with Heinz baked beans tins and sausage snacks. The hungry robbers were able to sweep off thousands of tins between 8.45 PM and 5.30 AM while the lorry driver, who had pulled off the side of the road and was sleeping in his cab.


The thieves took 6, 400 tins – about one and a half pallet – after they had cut a hole in one of the truck’s sides. Nobody has any information on the ridiculous robbery which took place on 22nd of October. The police asked anyone who had any information on the case to contact them immediately. They’re expecting that the thieves would likely try to sell large quantities of the baked beans at once under “suspicious circumstances”.


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