Did you know that Andreas Lubitz searched online for information about suicide…


You’ve most likely seen about the plane crash from a week ago, and at the beginning it seemed to be an accident. Then it was revealed the co-pilot – Andreas Lubitz – whilst suffering from depression, decided to crash the plane on purpose. But it is now revealed that he had searched online about suicide and cockpit door security – does that make this into a pre-meditated act?

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Lubitz took the short time in which the captain left the cockpit, to lock the door and take full control of the plane. The plane flew at 700km/h into the mountainside, killing everyone on board. It is unlikely that any knew what was happening until the last minute, but it appears the captain was desperately trying to regain control after finding his entrance to the cockpit denied.

Earlier on Thursday morning the second black box – containing the flight deck info – was found after a nine-day search operation. This could provide more vital information into what really happened in those final few minutes in the cockpit of the Germanwings crash.


Whilst the contents of this second black box have not yet been released, it has been confirmed that co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, had been looking online about suicide and on cockpit door security. This coincides with the other black box suggesting that this was an act of suicide, in an extreme case.

Whilst it appears that this was unequivocally a suicide mission by Lubitz, there is no suggestion that this was related to terrorism in any way. We should remember all those on the flight, especially the pilot, who, despite likely knowing what was happening, tried in his last minutes to save the 150 crew and passengers on this plane. Hopefully this will also inspire other airlines to review their safety procedures, as some have already done so. This may prompt more to require a member of crew to enter the cockpit if the pilot or co-pilot leave, to prevent this happening again.


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