Did you know that Emilia Clarke thinks she can be the next Jam…


Emilia Clark is convinced the next James Bond should be a female and she thinks she’s the right one for the role! The British actress is making headlines for the bold belief she has – that James Bond should be a female from now on.

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Since the news about Daniel Craig’s official departure from the James Bond franchise broke out everybody’s been talking about the next Agent 007. And apparently, one of the most famous British TV actresses, Emilia Clarke, thinks it’s about time the producers start making movies about a female version of Bond. In this case, Emilia believes the next James Bond movie shouldn’t be about James, but about Jane. And who could be a suitable fit for such a role? Emilia, of course! The Game of Thrones star stated that she would be thrilled to portray Jane Bond and that it would be just like having one of her “many unrealized dreams” come true. The 29 year old actress proved that she can take on a tough, attractive and dangerous character when she started portraying the role of Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s Game of Thrones. However, thinking she can be the next James Bond and having two Emmy Award nominations for her acting skills isn’t enough to convince everybody that she should play Jane Bond.
In fact, the producers haven’t even bothered to address the possibility of making the next Bond movie all about a female character. Instead, there have been talks that the next Agent 007 movies will bring us Tom Hiddleston in the role of the secret agent. Hiddleston himself has spoken about his huge interest in playing the role and many James Bond fans believe the 35 year old British actor might just be the fresh face the producers need in order to continue the popular franchise.


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