Did you know that Google had a bug, which translated “Russia” as…


Google fixed a bug, which used to translate “Russia” as “Mordor” in Ukrainian.

Image Source: Google Translate
Image Source: Google Translate


Google Translator apparently doesn’t know that Mordor is located in Middle Earth and not on planet Earth.
The tech giant’s product is famous for its ways of mistranslating in every available language, regardless of the fact that the officials at Google claim they are constantly updating the Translator’s database and fixing any bugs they can find. One of the most recently fixed bugs used to translate “Russian Federation” to “Mordor” when using the Ukrainian-Russian translation. Apart from that, Google Translator apparently also had a mind on its own regarding everything related to Russia, since it also used to translate “Russians” to “occupiers”. Regardless of the tons of suggestions that there might be a human intervention in this, the officials at Google stated that the mistranslation is nothing more than a simple bug in their system. They went on to explain how Google Translator works – searching for patterns in millions of documents on the web so that it could generate the best possible translation. They also did mention something else, which everybody knows by now – that regardless of the software’s best efforts, it can never translate something in 100% and that the context will never really be accurate. Nevertheless, the guys at Google stated that the Translator is never operated by a human being and that the software is automatically translating everything, thus, no human intervention could have caused the “Russia” is “Mordor” mistranslation in the Ukrainian-Russian version of Google’s tool.

Regardless of what has caused the bug, Google claims that it has now been fixed. Google Translator is no more believing that the Russian Federation is Mordor, that the Russians are orcs occupying foreign lands or that Frodo threw the ring in some volcano located in Russia.


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