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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn got hacked earlier this June!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

On the 5th of June this year one of the biggest social media moguls, Mark Zuckerberg, got his accounts hacked thanks to being neglectful when it comes to passwords.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles were breached by a team of hackers, identified only as OurMine, before Zuckerberg’s team obtained control over his accounts again. The 32 year old entrepreneur was one of the targeted social media users, whose personal data was breached and obtained back in 2012 when a group of hackers attacked LinkedIn and stole the usernames and passwords of nearly 117 million people. Zuckerberg’s Twitter profile has been inactive since 2012, but the hackers posted some tweets before his team got his account back. Since then all new tweets have been deleted, but the hacking didn’t go unnoticed by the Internet community. On top of it all, it was revealed how the hackers managed to make their way into his social media accounts.


Mark allegedly used the same password he once used on LinkedIn, which made the hacking quite easy. Not only that, but he made a complete fool of himself by doing it, because he hadn’t even enabled the double-security features that require an additional confirmation through your phone. Apparently Facebook’s founder thought he could act lazy on his security and as a result, got hacked. Every single security expert out there says that you should never use the same password on different platforms and that you should regularly change your passcodes without using old ones ever again. Well, Mark obviously didn’t get the memo. And as for the rest of us this is just yet another reminder that there are hackers out there and that you should never use the same password twice.


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