Did you know that Terminally ill Ed Sheeran fan met him as part of her…


One terminally ill fan of Ed Sheeran and his music got to meet the 24 year old musician as part of her bucket list of wishes.

Image Source: INSTAGRAM
Image Source: INSTAGRAM

Channan Petrides was born 22 years ago with a deadly disease – a condition called cystic fibrosis. The girl’s illness makes it hard for her to breathe, since her lungs are clogged with nasty and sticky mucus. The doctors have granted the girl no more than 18 months and a chance to get a lung transplant. However, Channan has decided to drop off of the waiting list so that she could make as many dreams come true as she can.

One of the things from the girl’s bucket list was to see Ed Sheeran live and she got the chance to do it earlier this July. The 22 year old and her sister went to the concert and even met Sheeran in person, chatted with him and took some selfies. Channan shared that it was an extremely exciting experience for her and that the Thinking Out Loud hit maker “smelled amazing”.


The girl had to be hospitalized with pneumonia several weeks before the concert. She thought she might not even get out in time to meet Sheeran, but fortunately, she got better. Apart from seeing Sheeran live, Channan has already scratched off a variety of exciting things of her bucket list – she fed a lion, rode on a helicopter, met Mark Noble, saw a penguin, visited the Harry Potter studio, and so on. The 22 year old fan shared that instead of waiting for a lung transplant, she has opted to make the most out of the little time the doctors have given her. Her inspiring story has become so popular that she’s currently making headlines everywhere – something that has helped her with another one of her bucket list wishes – going viral.


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