Did you know that The Guru who claimed to cure cancer with healthy food admitted she never had a…


This health and wellness guru, who actually made a fortune just by making people believe she cured cancer, turned out be to a total fake!

Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

A 23 year old woman, named Belle Gibson, managed to build an empire and make a fortune just by lying to everybody. She wrote books, started a blog and even had her own phone app – and now everything is going down the drain.


A couple of years ago Belle Gibson started telling people that she managed to cure her brain cancer by undergoing alternative therapies and special diets with health foods. She blogged non-stop on the subject and wrote books about it making tons of people believe her story. As it turns out, she was a total fake! Gibson didn’t have cancer and she most definitely didn’t beat any disease using healthy diets and alternative therapies. For years she refused to give out any type of medical proof to reporters in order to prove she really had brain cancer once. And even though some people thought she was a fraudster, many believed her and helped her make a fortune by telling her lies.

She recently decided to stop lying and spoke out loud about the truth to Australian Women’s Weekly by simply stating that none of it was true. She also stated that she wasn’t seeking forgiveness. She just thought telling the truth was the responsible thing to do. And now her empire is crashing down. Apple has taken down her app, Penguin has taken down her books and nobody believes her blog anymore. Even her friends have turned their backs on her because of her lies and manipulations. One Twitter user, who goes by the name Kelsey Gamble, said she knew Gibson ever since they were kids and that Gibson was a “sociopath” and a “pathological liar”. By the looks of it, it’s the truth.


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