Did you know that This man's hidden camera found that his cat is using the bathroom and not…


Check out a ridiculously funny video of a female cat using a human toilet!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

An unnamed man realized that somebody had been using the toilet and not flushing it. All of the members of his family claimed that all of them had been flushing after themselves, but he didn’t believe them, because one of the toilets in their house kept appearing unflushed over and over again. In order to find out who had been lying, the guy decided to set up a camera in the said toilet and record the liar. Little did he know it would be the household member one would least expect to use the toilet…


The camera recorded the family’s female cat doing her business in the toilet just like a human would do – apart from the non-flushing part. The man was so shocked to discover that his cat had been using the toilet that he decided to upload the video on NewsFlare – the popular video sharing service, which pays you for sharing your original videos with the rest of the world. The cat’s owner shared that the kitty’s litter box had been suspiciously cleaner recently, although he has absolutely no idea for how long his domesticated animal had been using the toilet.

The camera had been recording for less than 24 hours, but it did manage to catch the cat in action. The video, which the owner uploaded on the web, is just over a minute long and it shows the cat jumping on the toilet, sniffing and twirling around while expecting it before finally doing its business and then jumping off the toilet bowl. The video footage was also uploaded on NewsFlare’s official YouTube channel on the 10th of July this year. Unsurprisingly enough, it went viral over the course of one week with nearly 180,000 views.


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