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A Russian military officer, named Alexander Prokhorenko, has been labeled as a national hero and dubbed as the Russian Rambo after he died behind enemy lines by ordering an air strike by the Russian forces on himself in an attempt to take down a group of ISIS terrorists, who had surrounded and trapped him in Palmyra, Syria.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

The 25 year old soldier was serving with a team of scouts and air bombers in the Palmyra area and secretly carrying out air strike attacks on ISIS targets. According to official reports, the man and his team were deep behind enemy lines when he was discovered by ISIS terrorists – the same jihadists, who were being targeted for air strikes. The reports show that in the dreadful situation of life or death Alexander Prokhorenko acted bravely by sacrificing himself for the greater good. Surrounded and trapped by ISIS members the soldier had two options – to be taken a hostage and to be forced to spill any information he had – thus, involuntary helping ISIS – or to take down the terrorists by sacrificing his own life. The 25 year old soldier chose the latter option. He contacted his team and gave his own coordinates, thus becoming the target of the air strike he had basically just ordered on himself. The air-raid took Alexander’s life as well as the lives of the ISIS terrorists, who had surrounded him.
No one knew what happened exactly until one of the ISIS terrorists is captured. He said that there was a prize on his head for over $50 000 and that they have never seen such a crazy person!

Shortly after the soldier’s death the news of his brave actions broke out globally. The late military officer’s deeds gained him the nickname the Russian Rambo and labeled him as a hero. It is believed that Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, will award Alexander posthumously with the highest honor – a Hero of Russia award.


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