Man Photographed His Incredible Transformation Into Woman In Just 17 Months, Her Face At The End Says It All

As time goes by, people are becoming more accepting of the trans community. We have accepted them as being just as normal as anyone else. Recently, a student from Ohio named Selgal shared photos of her transition from male to female. She documented her HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) over the course of 17 months. We can see how the changes become more and more noticeable together with Selgal’s feelings and the way she sees herself.

HRT is a long process where a person takes a number of hormonal medication and sex hormones. In cases where the desired transition is from male to female, the patient has to take estrogens and antiandrogens, while in the case of a female to male transition, androgens like testosterone are taken. All of these help develop physical traits which usually develop in puberty but have no effect on the reproductive system. In trans men we can observe an increase in facial and body hair, reduction of the breasts and an increase in muscle mass. In order to maintain the effects, a person has to continue HRT throughout their whole lives.

Selgal is a very inspiring person who believes that it’s never too late to become the person you want to be and that happiness in never impossible, one just has to be willing to risk everything for it.

1. On the first picture we can see how incredible her 17-month transformation is.

2. A picture of Selgal 2 years before the start of her HRT.

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3. One month into HRT and the first year of college, still too early for major changes to be visible.

4. Three months in Selgal begins to feel better, slowly but surely.

5. Nine months into HRT we see a silly picture of Selgal but despite that, we can definitely notice a change.

6. This one is at 11 months of therapy and a cheeky smile.

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