This Angry Mom Proved That School Lunch Is NOT Healthy By Taking A Picture And Sending It To Dietitian

Just recently in Coweta, Oklahoma, a mother was enraged by the lunch provided to her son by the school as it was composed of just a few snacks which is unacceptable, because it cannot meet FDA regulations.

How did she find out? The mom, Crystal Skinner went together with her son to the school in order to spend some quality time with him. It was then, at lunchtime, when she saw that her child’s meal was composed of a bag of Cheez-its, a tiny box of raisins, a handful of carrots and some yogurt. While there’s nothing wrong with any of these items, it would be preposterous to call this a lunch, as it really is just a few snacks.

The concerned mom thought about how an insufficient amount of food could negatively impact children’s performance at school and their general health as well.

Crystal was shocked and decided not to remain silent about the issue. She decided to do a bit of reading on the matter and found several things out.

There are certain standards that a school lunch must cover in accordance with FDA guidelines which state that an ideal school lunch has to be comprised of fruit, vegetables, grains, meat and milk or juice.

For a school meal to at least be acceptable, it has to have three of the upper mentioned components-the fruit, the vegetables and the grains.

Dr. Jennifer Jackson responded:

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Crystal took a photo of her son’s “lunch” and sent it to dietitian Dr. Jennifer Jackson. According to her, the Cheez-its were absolutely unacceptable as grains because they contain only wheat flour and not whole grain, with the only well done thing being the yogurt as a good alternative for meat.
The raisins obviously qualify as fruit, however, the box that the school provides for each child is only one ounce, a quarter of what the FDA guidelines describe.

Crystal spoke to the media and appeared on television, actively criticizing the school where her child goes as being too apathetic towards this issue. Videos of her speaking with the media can be found all over the internet as she became somewhat viral for her desire to improve the attitude towards food in school.

The school representatives are adamant that the lunch they provide meets the requirements but even so, Crystal Skinner believes this is not the right way to treat this situation.

The mother felt deeply hurt and guilty for not finding out sooner. She went on to say how she would’ve prepared lunch for her son, had she known what he would be given at the school.

It’s hard to say why exactly some schools don’t provide enough food for their students. Is it to save money? That’s the most probable cause. Maybe it’s just a bad attempt at fighting the high rate of obesity. Perhaps we’ll never know, but we should definitely try to change it for the better. Until then, we’ll have to prepare lunch for the children ourselves.

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Written by Jacob August

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