Rose West, Notorious Serial Killer, Going Blind In Prison

You probably know a lot of stories about serial killers, but the story of Rosemary ‘Rose’ West, who was involved in a series of brutal murders of young women and children, is truly something else. The savage killer is reportedly going blind now, due to glaucoma, which cannot be reversed.

According to a prison source, she is already suffering from the illness and is forced to wear spectacles most of the time. She allegedly told a few people that she would take her own life if she goes fully blind. However, she has no other health issues and is otherwise doing pretty well. 

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The 64-year old murderer must be really disappointed and angry to be facing the chance of losing her lifestyle behind bars at the Low Newton HMP, located outside of Durham. According to a few independent sources, she keeps herself very busy and is involved in a number of activities, such as yoga practice, baking and even cutting hair for some of the inmates after completing a beauty course. Sounds like a pretty good life, considering her past.

West had taken off her signature and distinctive glasses for a long time, some of the prisoners say, but recently she was forced to wear them again in order to be able to navigate through the high-security F Wing she is living in. 
Glaucoma is a condition which affects the optic nerve and it is caused by an excessive amount of fluid in the eyes, decreasing vision progressively. 

If you haven’t heard the whole story behind Rose West, here is a brief overview of the villain’s life and criminal deeds. Do not feel too guilty if you lack sympathy for this woman and her eye issues at the moment.

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Born in Northam, Devon, Rose was only fifteen years old when she met her future husband Fred West, who was thirteen years older than her. Fred was very persistent and within a few weeks he was able to convince her to take care for his two daughters Charmaine and Anna Marie as their nanny.

Rose’s father suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and abused her sexually throughout her childhood, but he still disapproved of the relationship between her and Fred.

After becoming a family, the couple moved to Gloucester, living in a flat, and Rose worked as a prostitute with her husband’s approval and support. Later she gave birth to three kids, named Heather, Mae and Stephen.

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The investigation of the murders years later found out that their usual plan included abducting young women from bus stops in the Gloucester area, holding them as prisoners in their home, before killing them, eventually. 

While Fred was imprisoned for theft in 1971, Rose took the life of his older daughter Charmaine.

The sadistic murderers were found guilty for the sexual assault against Caroline Roberts in the beginning of 1973. Roberts had been abducted and drugged.

In 1992 Fred was accused of raping his 13-year old daughter, and Rose was arrested for child cruelty, which triggered the investigation that uncovered all of the other revolting crimes the sinister duo had done. The case eventually fell apart and charges were taken off, because their daughters remained silent and did not testify, but police started digging deep. Later the kids reportedly said that they were afraid to speak in court, because their evil parents often threatened them to bury them in the yard like their sister Heather, whom nobody had seen since 1987. 

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Police eventually discovered a lot of female bodies buried in the garden of their home on Cromwell Street in Gloucestershire, most of which had been sexually abused and tortured by Rose herself, as the investigation revealed.
Rose was convicted of ten murders in 1995, and Fred, who admitted two more, chose to hang himself instead of serving his sentence. Unofficially he said that he had killed more than thirty people in his life. What a horrific couple.

At first, she was given a minimum of 25 years behind bars, but two years later, West was subjected to a life sentence. 
Immediately after that, Rose decided to fight against all accusations and took her appeal to the High Court.

Rose West apparently tried to avoid taking the responsibility for the crimes by saying she was not aware of the crimes and that her husband alone was the murderer. This plan did not work out for her, because there was more than enough evidence to prove her role in the senseless acts of violence.

Not all of her appeals were considered worthy of hearing before the court institution. 

Eventually, Rose officially decided to not appeal against her conviction anymore, but sill maintained her side of the story and claimed to be innocent.

Believe it or not, Rose West is only the second female convict in Britain to spend her life in prison. The late Myra Hindley, one of the two Moors murderers, was the first woman in British history to be sentenced and told she would die in jail, which happened back in 1990.

Rose is apparently pretty popular in the prison facility. Of course, some hate her for what she has done, but others actually care for her. 

She pretty much enjoys the comforts of home such as a personal TV, a radio, coffee machine all for herself and other things. She even has a favorite TV-show called ‘The Archers’. 
Sources from jail stated that she is given a VIP treatment by many inmates. Some even describe her status to be even greater and she apparently gets along very well with most of the other convicts. Rose is said to always have a warm welcome when new inmates arrive and becomes particularly close with some of the harder cases.
Apart from playing board games with them and offering any kind of advice, Rose West sees herself as some sort of a self-made lawyer and spends time helping those with legal issues. Glaucoma could make all of this impossible at some point and this is likely the reason she would consider suicide if the condition takes its toll.

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