Top 10 Unbelievable Stories That Prove Karma is 100% Real

A lot of us have this belief deep in us that good deeds are rewarded, and bad deeds are punished over the course of time. In Hinduism and Buddhism this is called Karma, and while it has a deeper meaning, the word is used internationally to describe this mythical force that keeps the balance of rewarding good deeds and punishing bad ones.
Whether Karma is real or not, is not something anyone can say. But there is a reason why this term persists, and is mentioned often. We get many real life examples that would justify the existence of Karma. Be it the many funny video compilations dubbed “instant karma” or good deeds that are justified, as seen in the stories below, it really seems that Karma is real and working!

1. The man that saved the lives of 2 million babies

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At the age of 14, Australian boy James Harrison suffered an accident and almost died. Doctors had to perform a complicated operation and remove one of his lungs to save his life. During the surgery the boy lost almost 2 liters of blood, and a transfusion had to be done.

Harrison made it through and came to the realization that he was saved thanks to people he never met that had donated the blood now running in his veins. He wanted to return the favor and also donate blood that could save someone else’s life.

So, as soon as Harrison turned 18, he started regularly donating blood, hoping that this would help save someone’s life. He didn’t realize at the time that his wish will come true, and on a scale that he couldn’t even imagine.

While performing the necessary examinations on the donated blood, doctors were astonished to find out that Harrison’s blood is very unique. It contained antibodies for the rhesus disease, which is a condition where antibodies in a pregnant woman attack and destroy the baby’s blood cells. It turned out he was pretty much the walking cure for this condition.

He was asked to donate blood plasma regularly and undergo some tests, and he agreed. Harrison’s blood became the basis for developing anti-D immunoglobulin– the cure for this condition used to this day.

To make things even more interesting, Harrison’s own daughter Tracey had RhD Negative blood, and when she became pregnant doctors diagnosed a high risk of the rhesus condition for the baby. She was treated with the cure developed from her father’s blood, and gave birth to a healthy baby, thus making James Harrison one very proud and happy grandfather.

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2. A man was saved by a boy, whose life was saved by his wife 9 years ago

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In 1965 Roger Lausier was a 4 year old, hanging out with his mother at the beach in Salem, MA.
He had entered the water without his mother seeing him, and was pulled by an undercurrent and started drowning. A woman by the name Alice Blaise had noticed him, and jumped to the rescue. She pulled Roger ashore, where she performed rescue breaths and CPR and saved the boy’s life.

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9 years later Roger was at the same beach, he was now a 13 year old young man. He heard a woman screaming that her husband is drowning.  He used an inflatable raft to paddle toward the drowning man, and when he reached him, he helped him climb on the raft and saved his life.

Although this was an amazing feat to be performed by a 13 year old, it was much more than that. However, no one at the beach, not even Roger himself realized the significance of what had just happened. The wife of the saved man was none other than Alice Blaise, but she did not recognize the boy that she saved 9 years earlier.

It wasn’t until the next day, when the news published, that Alice came to the realization who that boy really was.

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3. Holocaust heroes saved from Bosnia 

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1941, WWII is raging on with full force. The Germans launched “Operation 25” known also as the “April War.” This was the invasion of Yugoslavia. The prospects for all Jews on that territory became very grim, as both the Germans and the Croatian Ustashi fascists were on the hunt for them.

In Sarajevo, Josef Kavilio and his family were facing dark times. They were Jews and they could only imagine what would happen to them if they were caught by either the Nazis or the Ustashi. Josef’s business partner and friend – Mustafa Hardaga, who was Muslim took a great risk by sheltering Josef’s family in his house, managing to hide them from the Nazis, and eventually helped them escape the country. They saved all members of the Kavilio family except Josef himself, who had been caught earlier. He was cuffed in a chain gang and forced to work.

The Hardagas did not stop there, they had to save Josef too, and Mustafa’s wife – Zejneba was regularly sneaking food to Josef and eventually helped him escape. Josef was now a runaway was also sheltered in the Hardaga’s house. He also received help to flee the country and reunite with his family.

Some 50 years later, Sarajevo became a theatre of war once more, with all accompanying horrors, including ethnic cleansing. However this time it was Muslims that were hunted. Mustafa Hardaga had passed away some time earlier, but his wife Zejneba was still alive and living in Sarajevo along with their youngest daughter Sara, who was married and had a 10 year old daughter.

As all of the world was watching the war unfold in Sarajevo, so was the Kavilio family from their new home in Jerusalem. They couldn’t forget the great feat of heroism the Hardaga’s pulled off to save them. And they have raised their children with stories about what happened in Sarajevo. It was time they repaid their saviors.

The Kavilio’s alerted the Israeli Yad Vashem organization, which sprang into action and managed to locate and evacuate Zejneba, Sara and her husband, and their 10 year old daughter.
Upon landing in Israel, they were greeted by Tova, one of the Kavilio daughters from Sarajevo who actually remembered Zejneba.

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