Top 10 Unbelievable Stories That Prove Karma is 100% Real

4. A man was able to live because of regular blood donations

Jim Becker was regular guy from Racine, Wisconsin. Nowadays, his name could be seen in the FAN Hall of Fame of the Green Bay Packers.

In the 1950’s young Jim Becker was just another fan of the Packers. However, he was on a tight budget, and buying tickets for football games was not something he could easily afford.

He found a way to make some extra money by donating blood, and being the fan that he is, he used the money to buy tickets for the games of the Green Bay Packers.

Some 20 years (and many liters of blood) later, Jim was diagnosed with hemochromatosis, a condition that is usually treated with bloodletting. It turns out that Jim had this condition all along, but he actually treated it perfectly well by regularly donating blood.

In a very strange twist of events, his blood donations saved his own life.

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5. A man donated half of his liver to his future wife

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Christopher Dempsey, an ex-marine from Frankfort, Illinois, overheard a coworker’s sad story about a cousin who urgently needed a liver transplant, and was waiting for a new liver in a line of 119,000 others. Unless a donor was found she would not live for more than two months.

Chris decided to try and help. He didn’t know the family very well, nor did he know the woman that needed the liver. However, he decided to get himself tested nonetheless, and as it turned out he was a match. So, he agreed to donate half of his liver.

Christopher was, however, more than a donor match as it turned out. The woman he saved was 25 year old Heather Krueger, whom he met only after he offered his help. The two of them fell in love and in 2016, 2 years after the operation, they got married.

So guys, if you think you’ve given everything to your girl – No, you haven’t, unless you are Christopher Dempsey.

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6. A doctor saved by a paramedic he saved as a baby

In 2011 Dr. Michael Shannon suffered as terrible car accident on the highway, his SUV got rammed on the side by a truck. The SUV was pinned down as the engine caught fire, Michael had no way to escape the vehicle, and the fire was spreading.

When the rescue team arrived they put out the fires that were burning Dr. Shannon’s legs. They used the Jaws of Life to cut open the car. A paramedic named Chris Trokey pulled Michael out from the vehicle and rushed him to a hospital.

Chris didn’t know the name of the man he just saved. It was not until they reached the hospital that he heard the name “Dr. Shannon” and realized whom he just saved.

Chris was born prematurely and severely underweight and required intensive care to make it through the first weeks of his life. And it was none other than Dr. Michael Shannon who provided the necessary care, depriving himself of sleep and rest.

The baby that Dr. Shannon once saved, returned the favor by saving him.

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