Top 10 Unbelievable Stories That Prove Karma is 100% Real

7. CPR teacher saved by his students 

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Bob Marlin is a retired CPR instructor from Littleton, Colorado. Throughout his career he has instructed countless people in CPR at the West Metro Fire Dept. as well as employees of many local businesses.

In 2014, Bob, now a retired man was spending some quality time with his brother Bill at the Meadows Golf Club. Bob felt a pain in his chest after a swing of the golf club, and collapsed to the ground a massive heart attack. Bill yelled for help, and started doing CPR just as his brother has taught him. Tom Woodward, the head pro at the golf club rushed to help with an AED administering a few shocks. Four Jefferson county sheriff’s deputies arrived too, to help with the rescue.

Bob Marlin was stabilized and rushed to a hospital. His life was saved by a dozen of people, all of whom Bob had instructed in CPR as part of his job.

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8. Woman saves a boy, the boy saves her 7 years later

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Kevin Stephan suffered an accident at a baseball game when he was 10 years old. Kevin was accidentally hit in the chest with a baseball bat, and it led to his heart stopping.

Fortunately, a nurse that was in the crowd, rushed in to help and gave Kevin CPR thus saving his life. The name of the woman was Penny Brown.

In 2006, seven years after that fateful day, Penny was having lunch in a restaurant when she choked on a piece of food. People around her cried for help, and an employee of the restaurant came to the rescue, performing abdominal thrusts and saving Penny’s life.

That employee was none other than Kevin Stephan himself, who was surprised to find out that he actually returned the favor to his own savior.

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9. Homeless man returns $4,000 ring, receives a house

Billy Ray Harris was a homeless person in his mid 50s begging on the streets of Kansas.
In February 2013 a woman named Sarah Darling was passing nearby him, and decided to drop some change in his cup. She didn’t notice it, but her engagement ring had slipped off her finger and into Billy Ray’s cup.

As one would expect from a broke person, Billy Ray tried to pawn it. However when the jeweler offered him $4,000 for that ring, he felt that it would be wrong to sell it, and stopped the deal.
Instead Billy Ray kept the ring and waited at his usual spot until he saw Sarah again and he returned the ring.

Sarah was touched by this gesture and wanted to help Billy Ray, so she started an online fund, hoping to raise some money for him. The story went viral, and instead of receiving a few dollars, Billy Ray was able to reunite with his sister and nephews, and was also able to get a house and a car. Sarah Darling’s fund was able to raise almost $190,000.

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