Did you know that This woman dumped her fiancé, so that she could spend more time with…


This crazy woman dumped her fiancé just so that she could spend more time with her 16 puppet dolls!
April Brucker needs to learn how to sort out her priorities. ASAP!

Image Source: PA Real Life
Image Source: PA Real Life

This is the story of a woman, who chose her 16 puppet dolls over her fiancé. Meet April Brucker – the 30 year old American, who made headlines this month for dumping her soon-to-be-husband in order to spend more time with her collection of huge puppet dolls. The 30 year old woman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, met her fiancé in New York. The two of them got engaged shortly after they met and stayed together for 8 months. Unfortunately for April and for her partner, she was too attached to her collection of 16 puppets.
April is spending £14,000 (more than $21,000 in USD) every single year on her dolls. She’s spending thousands on hair, airfares, clothing and other forms of “care”. When she’s asked about her puppets, April simply claims that they are like her children and that she loves them. The creepy dolls obviously weren’t treated the same way by the woman’s ex-fiancé. The guy had enough of them and just made April choose between him and the dolls. She chose the latter and dumped him.

Official reports claim that the 30 year old woman has been affectionate towards the puppets ever since she was only 13 years old. Nowadays she sees them as her own children and claims that she needs to spend enough time with them and needs to “give them the best”. She also claims that she might not find love with another guy, but she loves her 16 children and they need her. She also states that they have never ever disappointed her, unlike men have.

Seriously, this woman needs to sort out her priorities!


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