Top 13 Spookiest Graveyards in Illinois

4. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

For decades, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery has been considered haunted by residents of the great state of Illinois. Orbs, apparitions, and “phantom vehicles” have been seen in the resting spot. Figures in monks’ robes have also been reported. Located in Midlothian, ghost researchers have investigated the site, discovering various images and electronic voice phenomena. One visitor to the site has reported capturing a video of a “ghost baby”. Another visitor has reported footsteps and cries that might scare one to death. One of the most famous sightings is of a woman sitting on a tombstone, and the image was published in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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5. Woodlawn Cemetery

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There’s a portion of Woodlawn Cemetery, located in Forest Park, known as Showmen’s Rest. In June of 1918, there was a circus-train wreck as a result of a train conductor who fell asleep at the switch, which resulted in the death of between 60 and 110 employees. Victims were buried in a mass grave. Many of the victims could not be identified, so grave markers described their role in the circus. Even today, that portion of the cemetery is used for the burials of circus showmen. It is the sound of elephants at night that has locals convinced Showmen’s Rest is haunted by the spirits of those who perished a century ago.

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6. The Krome Family Cemetery

In Collinsville, near Old Keebler’s Road, there remains the remnants of a mansion that burned down long ago and has been considered haunted for decades. Ghosts have been seen walking from the remains of the Krome Mansion down to the family cemetery; they are believed to be the ghosts of slaves, as the house was once used to house slaves, possibly as a holding pen. A few Krome family plots are all that remain of the former mansion. There are a few broken and illegible stones to be seen at the dilapidated site. However, one visitor to the site reports that her small child always used to claim that ghosts haunted the area. Decades later, the visitor’s grandchild also reported seeing a ghost. Curiously enough, the child’s mother’s nephew also claimed to have seen a ghost. He reported that he saw the ghost of a little girl.

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