Top 13 Spookiest Graveyards in Illinois

7. The Lithuanian Liberty Cemetery

A terrifying ghost known as the Hatchet Man allegedly guards the Lithuanian Liberty Cemetery. The cemetery, which was established over a century ago, is the final resting place of many Eastern European immigrants. The few tombstones that remain in the cemetery are written in Polish, Lithuanian, and Slavic languages. Located in Spring Valley, the cemetery is also the site of the Massock Mausoleum, the door of which is alleged to be consistently warm to the touch and has been sealed closed for a half decade due to the theft of a skull in the 1960’s. One visitor, who traveled to the cemetery in 2014, said that he heard a loud scream that echoed through the creepy, small cemetery. There is also talk of a pale apparition that appears at night. Police tend to watch the cemetery, but not because of the apparition—within the past 20 years, a dog’s head was found on the steps of the mausoleum.

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8. Moon Point Cemetery

Where there’s a Hatchet Man, there’s a Hatchet Lady. She’s the well-known ghost who resides at Moon Point Cemetery, which dates back to before the Civil War. According to legend, when alive, Hatchet Lady used to visit and watch over the grave of her dead son, who died in the Civil War. After she died, she continued visiting; however, as a ghost, she brings along a hatchet. Visitors have reported seeing orbs and a ghostly fog. It has been suggested that Hatchet Lady isn’t the mother of a fallen soldier, but a woman who killed her husband and children. It has also been said that cars stop working in the cemetery when a train passes by. As is the case with many cemeteries on this list, police are well aware of Moon Point’s reputation and therefore regularly patrol it at night in order to prevent vandalism.

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9. Aux Sable Cemetery

Aux Sable Cemetery is located in Minooka, and is surrounded by woods. It is primarily known for being the residence of a ghost of a young girl who enjoys playing pranks on visitors. For example, she is known to lower electric car windows when the key to the car is not in the ignition. Rumors of Satan worship and evil rituals are attached to the cemetery and a path into the nearby woods. Rumor has it there is also portal to another dimension—possibly Hell—in the cemetery, which makes the place a popular destination for visitors interested in the paranormal.

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10. Blood’s Point Cemetery

Blood’s Point Cemetery is located in Belvidere along Blood’s Point Road, which is considered one of the more popular sites for paranormal activity in the state of Illinois. So what’s so terrifying about the cemetery? For one, visitors have reported dogs that appear out of nowhere, attack visitors, and then disappear. It has also been suggested that these hounds from Hell guard the cemetery. Furthermore, ghosts have been seen walking down Blood’s Point Road. There is also talk of an incredibly smelly witch named Beaula, and she is apparently too horrifying to look at for more than a second or two. Reports of orbs, phantom vehicles, ghostly laughter, and a phantom barn add to the creepiness of the location. Allegedly, a nearby bridge was the site of a school bus accident, which may explain reports of phantom school buses. The trees are also notable for taking on the form of human beings standing guard.

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