Top 13 Spookiest Graveyards in Illinois

11. Ridge Cemetery

Ridge Cemetery at Williamsburg Hill has long been considered a frightening place, partially because of decades of rumors of cult activity. Eerie lights and apparitions, including one that resembles an old man who quickly disappears once spotted, have been reported by area residents. Furthermore, more than one visitor has reported seeing a black shadow-like spirit that follows visitors to the cemetery. Another visitor reported seeing the ghost of a strangely dressed young girl with black eyes, and she asked for assistance. Like other locations on this list, there have been rumors of cultist activity in the area of the cemetery. Phantom horses have also been seen in the area.

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12. King Cemetery

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King Cemetery, located in Dietrich, is on private property. Therefore, it should not by visited by anyone interested in the paranormal. However, orbs and shadowy people have been reported by those brazen enough to trespass and investigate the claims.

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13. Ramsey Cemetery

Finally, we should address Ramsey Cemetery, which is also known as Casbar Cemetery. Located in Shumway, it tends to attract teenagers as well as ghosts. The suicide of a young man in a now-demolished chapel over 50 years ago has led to reports of a man in a black cloak with glowing red eyes. One visitor to the cemetery reports a tractor ride to the cemetery that went wrong, resulting in serious injuries to both the driver and a female passenger. Allegedly, a werewolf lives on the ground of the cemetery. This supernatural creature is known to live in the cemetery’s many rock shelters.

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There are other locations in Illinois reputed to be haunted, such as the Willow Creek Farm and the Peoria State Hospital. Even Room 441 of the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago is reported to be inhabited by the ghost of a shadowy woman. If there’s one thing to learn from this list, however, it is this: if you’re afraid of ghosts, stay away from the state of Illinois.

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