10 Cases of Bizarre Forensics That Baffled The Experts

3. The Smith Twins

Schoolteacher Genai Coleman was killed while waiting for her daughter on July 18, 2008. Detectives were able to draw DNA from a cigarette butt found in her car, which had been stolen. It belonged to a man named Donald Smith. Damien Cruz, the lead detective on the case, said the man was identified by surveillance camera and was known to the authorities for a prior drug case.

However, Donald claimed that it definitely wasn’t him that committed the murder. He said it had to have been his twin brother, Ronald. Upon further investigation, The were able to determine that the fingerprints didn’t match Donald’s and were, in fact, Ronald’s. The twins’ parents and sister verified that Ronald was the twin in the surveillance video. Cell phone data also confirmed that it was Ronald in the area where Coleman’s car had been stolen from that day.

He was arrested for the crime in February, 2009.

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4. Highway of Tears

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A 50 mile stretch of highway that winds through the British Columbian wilderness, often referred to as the Highway of Tears is where our next baffling case comes from.

The road is so named because over 30 years, more than 50 women have gone missing on this stretch of road. There is a belief that all of them have been victims of the same serial killer.

Bobby Jack Fowler, a known and convicted killer, is thought to be the culprit for more than 20 of the murders committed on this road. He has been linked by DNA evidence to several of them.

The strange part is that a few the murders happened while he was incarcerated. This led to more police work, even having cab drivers and the like submit to DNA testing. Nothing ever came of it, leaving so many of the murders unsolved. I would avoid that highway at all costs.

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5. Kendrick Johnson

In 2013, in Valdosta, Georgia, the body of seventeen year old Kendrick Johnson was found in a rolled up gym mat at his school.

His death was determined to be an accident, with the thinking being that he fell into the mat, got stuck, and suffocated. After the family decided that wasn’t a good enough explanation and their suspicions turned toward foul play, a strange fight between the family and the coroner ensured, and a grand jury finally filed new paperwork citing “unexplained, non accidental blunt force trauma” was detected during the autopsy. A second autopsy revealed that Kendrick’s brain and other organs had been replaced with newspaper, which isn’t standard procedure. Weird. Nobody was ever charged with the murder of this young man.

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