10 Cases of Bizarre Forensics That Baffled The Experts

9. The Murder of Kathy Mabry

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In 1997, Kathy Mabry was found raped and murdered in an abandoned house in Belzoni, Mississippi. She had been slashed with a rusty razor blade across her face and neck.

A bite mark expert, Mark Bass, claimed to have invented a technique called the West Phenomenon, was called in when bite marks were found on the body. He claimed his technology could match bite marks to a specific mouth. He donned yellow goggles and went over her body for hours with an ultraviolet light, insisting on being the only one to analyze or even take pictures of the body.

He provided the medical examiner, Dr Hayne, with molds so he could start matching them. A man named James Earl Gates was arrested for the murder, but found not guilty. The murder still remains a mystery, and the West Technique remains invalidated and very strange.

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10. Leanne Tiernan

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16-year-old Leanne Tiernan went missing while she walked home from Christmas shopping with a friend. Her body was found months later in the summer of 2001, in Lindley Woods, Yorkshire England.

There was a plastic bag over her head, secured by a dog collar, a scarf, and a zip tie. Zip ties were used to bound her wrists. Her body was wrapped in green trash bags and twine, then covered them by a floral duvet. Police found an individual that had purchased a lot of dog collars similar to the one found around Leanne’s neck; John Taylor. He was a poacher who hunted in the same woods where Leanne’s body was found.

The twine used also led them to the same man, and upon searching his home, they found these items as well as zip ties.

The weird fact of this was they analyzed dog hair found on the body, but were unable to link it to John Taylor. Turns out, though, that it was a day he had owned who had since died. This was the first time dog hair had been used as evidence in a criminal case. It was unsuccessful in leading to a conviction.

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