10 Cases of Bizarre Forensics That Baffled The Experts

6. Colonel William Shy

During the civil war, in 1864, Nashville became a new battleground on December 15-16. During this Battle of Nashville confederate colonel William Shy was killed by a point blank gunshot to the head.

Fast forward to 1977, and the grave of the late colonel was vandalized. When forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass arrived to investigate, what he discovered was shocking.

Propped atop a cast iron casket wash a headless body. While the body was in advanced stages of decay, there were still some flesh joints that were intact. There is no way that should be the case with someone who died more than a hundred years ago.

After further investigation, the skull was found, and everything seemed to be authentic. The casket was an honor saved for high ranking officers essentially preserved the body, making it seem as it’d it has been dead for less than a year. It kept investigators stumped for a while before they figured it out.

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7. Floating feet of British Columbia

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This story is super strange and weird. Shoes started washing up on the shores of Georgia Strait in British Columbia in March of 2007.

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Over the next 5 years, a total of 11 shoes washed up onto the shore. The most popular theory is that a serial killer with a foot fetish was using the shoes as a kind of calling card.

In February of 2012, the bones in one of the shoes was identified as being the bones of Stefan Zahorujko, who had been missing since 1987 when his boat was found capsized in the same body of water. His death was listed as a weather related accident.

It was concluded that all of the other shoes have been lost in the same way, hesitantly. This was definitely the most bizarre case the area had seen.

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8. Mary Rogers’ Murder

The murder of a woman named Mary Rogers is the next bizzaro case we are looking at.

In July of 1841, her body was found floating and then pulled up onto the shore of the Hudson River. It was found that her face had been beaten to the point of not being recognizable.

There were no immediate leads for months. Finally, a break came in the form of clothing and items, including a handkerchief with her initials were found in a bcoush by some children playing nearby. A witness also recalled seeing a woman and six men go into the woods on the night she went missing.

The murder was never solved, but was the basis of a short story by Edgar Allen Poe titled ‘The Mystery of Marie Roget.’

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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